DIY: Delicious Roast Pumpkin Seeds

I’ve had loads of fun this Halloween playing around
with pumpkins, seeing how many different snacks or decorations I can make from
them! One of the simplest, cheapest and tastiest things is to roast the seeds
(of which there are SO many inside each pumpkin!). The first time I did it, I
burnt them so badly and was very disappointed to waste a batch, but this year,
as I have been carving so many pumpkins for the party, I’ve finally perfected
the roasting. Here is what I have learnt, and how to make the most delish roast
pumpkin seeds.

Start by cutting a circle from the top or bottom of
the pumpkin, using a specific pumpkin knife, or a steak knife.

Use your hands to pull the seeds out – it is easier
to pull the seeds out first, not all of the stringy insides together – so that
you don’t have to separate it all afterwards.

After thoroughly rinsing under cold water, soak all
of the seeds in salt water. The salt water deactivates an enzyme inhibitor in
the seeds, apparently, which can irritate your tummy.

Leave the seeds to soak in salty water for at least 8 hours. I left mine overnight.

Pour all of the water out of the bowl, and dry the seeds using a paper towel.

Next, season the seeds. You can get as
creative as you want, but here are my favourite ideas:

– Sprinkle the seeds with additional salt.

– Toss every cup of seeds with a tablespoon of vegetable oil, or olive oil.
This helps additional seasonings to stick.

– You can also substitute melted butter for the oil.

– For sweet seeds, season with sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.

– Toss the seeds in a hot sauce, or soy sauce or Worcester sauce.

– For spicy seeds, use powder seasoning like Cajun Spice.

Spread the seeds onto a baking tray, and try to
shake the tray so that there is only one layer of seeds.

Next, roast the seeds in an oven at 180C – 200C,
shaking them every 5-10 minutes so that they don’t burn. It could take up to 45
minutes until they are brown and crispy.

This recipe is so quick and simple, you can have them baking while you carve your pumpkins, so that you have a tasty snack when you are finished!
There are loads of variations – have you discovered something delicious? Let me know!