The Origins of Origins

The lovely folk at Origins recently invited some bloggers and beauty insiders to their ‘Origins of Origins’ event in Mayfair, to try out some of their favourite products. With the chance to build a personalised skincare kit from the product bar (not to mention cocktails and canapés!) I was super excited to learn more about one of my new fave beauty brands.
{ My current obsession, the GinZing moisturiser – review here }
 { Salmon & Goats Cheese, and Caviar bites? Oh, you shouldn’t have! }
With the chance to chat to some of the beauty chemists behind the iconic products, I learnt a thing or two about the brand. I asked how they made all of the products smell so fab, and was told it was because of all of the natural ingredients packed into the products. My favourite GinZing moisturiser contains Panax Ginseng as well as hints of lemon, grapefruit and spearmint. If you haven’t smelt one of the moisturisers, try to sneak a sniff next time you pop into a department store – you’ll be hooked!
The beauty event was a great chance to try out some new products, as well as learn about old favourites. Something else that smells good enough to eat (thank god for the raspberry cocktails, otherwise I might have been tempted to see if it tasted as good as it smelt!) is the  Never a Dull Moment exfoliator. With Apricot and Mango seeds, the polish promises to dissolve lacklustre skin cells and polish skin to perfection. Since the event i’ve used this a couple of times and love not just the fragrance but also how soft it leaves my skin. I admit to wearing probably too much makeup, so this is such a treat for taking it all off at the end of the day.
Origins mission is to create skincare that is ‘powered by nature, proven by science’ and this was shown in a fun and fruity way with the plants, berries and fruits in petri dishes, measuring  jugs and beakers. 
{ Oh Origins, you’ve done it again – Clear Improvement is now firmly my fave face mask. Review post coming soon! }
Another of my questions for the beauty experts was the brands attitude towards testing on animals, and I was relieved to hear that they absolutely 100% never test on animals, and not just that, but they work with the beauty and science industries to fund practises to help research alternatives, in the hope of ending animal-testing for good. 
Each guest was given a personalised goody bag containing Origins favourite products to best suit their needs. I took away some No Puffery cooling roll on eye gel and GinZing refreshing eye cream to help with puffy eyes on those early mornings, as well as Modern Friction (above) and Never a Dull Moment Exfoliators.
We were all treated to the Super Spot Remover and new GinZing mascara too – word of warning, the Spot Remover stings! But – I love that you can feel it working, and the results are fantastic.
So thank you Origins for a fabulous evening, I can’t wait to try out your favourite products – I predict that they will soon become firm favourites of mine too!
I’ll be testing out all of the products over the next few weeks, and i’ll let you know which ones I think you should invest in! Do you have any Origins beauty favourites? Let me know!