You Are What You Wear: The Psychology Of Winter Clothing

I love summer clothes, but by the end of September I’m ready to store the jewelled sandals, and relish the day when I dig out the boxes from the loft and unleash my almost-forgotten winter clothes. There is something joyful about re-discovering your favourite chunky knit jumper, and slipping on those trusty winter boots – it’s almost as thrilling as purchasing new ones! 

Chatting to friends at uni revealed that it isn’t just me that eagerly awaits the change in season; many of us in fact appreciate a winter wardrobe, and here’s why:

 Just look at the colours in the shops at the moment; the colour of the moment is berry, and the stores are awash with tones of terracotta, navy, browns and mustard – a palette of earthy colours that we naturally associate with safety and warmth – so it’s from our evolutionary instincts that we favour winter clothes.

 Keeping warm is really just an excuse – really we love to layer because we can get creative playing with new lengths, fabrics, and silhouettes. We can experiment with chunky knits, leathers, wool and fur – and of course we don’t need an excuse to pile on the accessories in winter. After all, that black polo need *needs* some chunky gold accessories!

We wear more black in winter – a colour that is associated with power, professionalism and  authority, so it’s no surprise that we find cold-weather-wear more empowering. Winter silhouettes tend to me more structured too, exuding strength and confidence. Oversized coats, chunky knits, leather skirts – there is so much fun to be had with winter dressing!

 You may have guessed by now, but i’m pretty good at persuading myself that I need something.. winter clothes.. power dressing, warmth.. yeah yeah. Really, it’s all about the thrill of buying something new, and winter is a time to rejuvenate your wardrobe, treat yourself to something new. On that note, and with the above picture in mind… Celine? My birthday soon? Hmm.. interesting 😉

What do you think? Do you feel more powerful in what you wear in Winter, or do you long for the return of your pastel sun dress? Let me know!