Tips for a Chic & Tidy Work Space

{ Accessorising your workspace is key! Here’s my new Nodus iPad case, chic & practical! }

My work space needs a makeover. As I spend more time blogging it is becoming important that my work space inspires me, so whether you clock in 9-5, or are up all night studying for your final uni exams, having a chic and tidy workspace will ensure that your creativity and productivity are at optimum levels. Here are a few tricks I have picked up for decorating your workspace.

1.) Clear the clutter!
Don’t let piles of paper, business cards and other clutter build up on your desk – to keep your desktop looking tidy, spend a few minutes every Friday clearing up little odds and ends.

2.) Find some pretty storage solutions.

Desk storage can be really unattractive, but there are some pretty options out there. Look for filing cabinets and bookshelves with form and function to help inspire your creativity! You can’t really tell from the images, but at the moment I’m working from an old bureaux which I found in a charity shop, sanded down and re-painted with Annie Sloane chalk paint – so pretty!

3.) Accessorise!
Invest in desk accessories that you actually like. It’s important to be smart yet fashionable when accessorising your technology, which is why I love this leather iPad mini case from Nodus*. The access case protects my iPad from bumps and scratches while still looking super chic whether on my desk or while I’m on the move.

4.) Pick pretty stationary!
Call me shallow, but I feel that I’m more productive with pretty stationary. It’s like the first day of school all over again when I start a fresh notebook. The one in the image above was actually free with purchase at Topshop, so cute! Invest in chic notebooks, post its, and of course fluffy pens!

5.) Keep your essentials nearby.
On my desk I always keep some essentials such as a super moisturising lip balm, I’m currently loving this plumping lip balm from Katherine Daniels, which nourishes and moisturises my lips as well as providing protection.

6.) Keep cables hidden!
Cables are an instant desk messier. I don’t think that’s even a word, but, oh well! On my bureaux there is no where for cables to hide, so instead, when my laptop dies, it means I’ve been blogging for too long and should really go to bed!

What are your tips to creating a chic and inspirational work desk? I want to give my work space a makeover so would love to hear your ideas.