Tools of the Trade | Makeup Brushes

How is it that a makeup brush can get me so excited? Do they really make that much difference to your makeup application that some people for out over £400 on a set? (I’m looking at you Kevin Aucoin!) Well, I’m not sure, but one thing I do know is that a pretty brush set sure brings a smile to my face, and the one which I’m hugely in love with at the moment is this absolutely gorgeous set from Too Faced. Have a look at their pink and gold beauty:

Beautiful aren’t they?!
Entitled the ‘Absolute Essentials‘ kit – the 5 piece set contains the essential brushes which you will need, made of ‘teddy bear hair’ and all contained within a cute pink travel pouch. 
Too Faced brushes were the first ‘proper’ brushes I ever purchased, back when I was probably only about 15 years old, and those brushes are still being used today – so I was confident that this brush set would be worth the investment.
The set costs £60 and each brush within will become part of your everyday routine – whether you need a large brush to delicately pat on your powder, or a precise concealer brush for painting away the shadows under your eyes. The pointed brush is one that I hadn’t tried before, but is now a staple when it comes to lining my lower eyelids with a darker brown shade.
Made of synthetic fibres, the brushes are long-lasting, super soft, and of course there is no harm to any animals. There is even a cute teddy charm on the makeup pouch! 
A brush post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Real Techniques, and I do believe that every gal should have at least one RT brush within their collection. I have 5. I think they are fantastic value and perfect when you know you need a certain type of brush for a particular use, without buying a whole kit. My most used brush of the set would probably be the flat foundation brush – especially as my makeup gets a little heavier over Winter, I find it really useful for smoothing out my foundation to give an all-over even finish.
The Too Faced brush set is available for £60, and you can pick up the Real Techniques brushes from Boots!
What are your favourite Makeup Bushes?