Four Favourites // Little Pots of Amazingness

Skincare is something I’m always a little dubious in splashing out on – with all the fabulous marketing campaigns out there it’s sometimes hard to know which products are genuinely life changing, and which ones have just been presented in an irresistible way. Recently however, I feel like I’ve somewhat hit the jackpot when it comes to trying out some incredible skincare products, so I thought I’d share my findings in today’s post! So here are four new favourites!

The first is the , the first product that I’ve come across which focuses purely on the neck and décolleté area. It’s an area I’ve been beginning to think about, especially considering the amount of time I spend looking down at my phone or laptop, it’s likely to be one of the first areas to show lines and crepiness. The cream is infused with antioxidants which can fight environmental damage such as early fine lines and wrinkles, as well as loss of firmness. While it is pricey to use as a precaution, I hate the though of neglecting this area so I’ve been applying a small amount each evening before bed. My skin certainly feels smooth and nourished and hopefully the long term results will be firm and wrinkle free skin in this area!

This product should come with a warning because it’s addictive! And it it definitely dangerous to be addicted to any skincare which passes the £100 mark but the Cult 51 cream is honestly the only cream I’ve used that gives such a noticeable improvement to my skin texture. It’s supposed to work with your skin’s ‘metabolism’ and skin cell turnover rate so your complexion receives bespoke care, whether you want more firm skin, reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, or protection against environmental damage, but all I know is that my skin looks incredible when I use it. I’m currently only in week 2 of trialling it out and already noticing brighter, smoother and generally ‘better’ skin. My makeup lasts longer and looks better and I feel fresh faced and bright!

To give my skin a real treat I’ve been using the , it’s basically a 4 minute facial which restores my skin when a day (or week) of pollution / air con / central heating etc has made my skin dull and dry. Full of little jojoba beads which gently buff dead skin away, the mask injects skin with nourishing ingredients and also improves the metabolism of skin, which promotes a beautifully healthy glow. I apply a thin layer over my face then relax for 10 minutes (it says 5 but… YOLO) before gently removing with a flannel soaked in warm water. My skin looks instantly pepped up and feels perky and glowing – another addictive product!

Finally, the product I’m most excited about! I’ve never tried anything quite like the Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser Tint! It’s perfect for holiday’s and definitely one that i’ll be popping in my beach bag as it hydrates, provides SPF protection, and also gives skin a lovely glow and slight tint so that you can feel confident wearing nothing else. On your face.
It’s extremely flattering, glowy and enhances your natural skin tone without the effect of makeup but also delivers ingredients such as Alpha Lipoid Acid to smooth lines and wrinkles, and Vitamin C to stimulate collagen and elastic production.The smell is fresh and light, and the SPF protects from both UVA and UVB damage and it’s quickly absorbed so no ‘white face’ problems if you want to apply on the beach! I’m already obsessed with this product, I’ve been wearing it on good skin days and ‘no makeup days’ and I can’t wait to wear this on the beach!

Have you tried any of these little pots of amazingness?