Spring Clean your Skin

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and equally with my skincare I’ve been trying out some new brands, and new products recently. In particular, these four have been the ones I’ve been reaching for to firstly deep clean my skin after a long day – especially getting the city grime (ew!) off my face, before re-adding the lost nutrients and refreshing and replenishing my skin.

The first thing I do upon getting home is to use Micellar water to remove the bulk of my makeup. Then, I’ve been trialling out the Foreo Luna Mini. As a fan of the normal sonic cleansing brushes, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the Foreo, but the results are incredibly similar, and the silicone brush bristles are non-porous so they don’t get all lagged up with makeup (and bacteria!). Just like standard cleansing brushes, the pulsations gently remove dead skin cells and unclog dirt and oil from pores. It’s much more handy for travel due to the nifty shape, and also the cost is just a one off – no replacement heads needed!

Next, I’ve been reaching for the Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum to restore that quenched feeling to my skin. This serum is a serious multi-tasker (you know how I love a good multi-tasker!) – it works against fine lines and dullness (perfect for if you live/work in the city) and also combats dehydration which I’d say is my top skincare concern right now. Using the serum for about 3 weeks now my combination skin is feeling more ‘regular’ – less unpredictability. I’d previously wake up one morning and dry skin, and have to rummage through my drawers for a  powerful moisturiser, then the next day would be fighting against an oily T-zone, where as recently it’s just been regular, reliable skin. If you’re already in love with your current primer, you can use the Pestle & Mortar primer as a makeup primer – I’d definitely recommend this if you have dry skin.

During the day, I love to top up my skins moisture levels so face mists have become my new best friend. One which is incredibly refreshing and also smells amazing is the Rose Hydrating Mist from Aromatherapy Associates. The fragrance is so good it’s almost like a perfume for your face, but I love that you can spritz it on over your makeup for an afternoon pick-me-up for flagging complexions.

My skin rarely feels that dry, but when it does (such as after a day in the sun recently!) I have been reaching for another Aromatherapy Associates product. Their Rose Face Mask has the same luxurious fragrance and also contains Aloe Vera – it hydrates and heals skin so an absolute saviour for taking on holiday. The mask is cooling and you can almost feel skin drinking it up. Sometimes I just leave it all to soak in, or if my skin’s ‘had enough’ I’ll tissue it off to reveal refreshed, radiant skin.

What have been your favourite products for Spring Cleaning your Skin?