Beauty // The Sweetest Thing

Sometimes, you find some beauty products which are just, literally, the most beautiful things ever. I’m talking rose gold, brushed gold, pretty bows, or perfect pinks. They just look so darn good. Well recently I feel like I have come across quite a few of these fabulously pretty beauty products, so thought I’d treat you guys to a post full of eye candy!

The first product is the I mentioned this in my Wedding Guest Beauty Edit for its ability to keep the shine at bay for a photographic finish all day long – but it also looks stunning to whip out of your handbag too.

Then there’s the – I swooned over their rose gold beauty in my April Favourites video, and it still holds pride of place on my dressing table, and the number one spot for most beautiful eyeshadow ever. It looks stunning as an actual makeup product on the face too (not forgetting what it’s actually made for!) giving a beautiful soft glow across eyelids – it will be the ideal product for swiping over lids after a long day on the beach! are another one which I have previously raved about their beauty – the slim bullet and rose gold lids make them irresistible to me!

Falling under the prettiest pinks category I had to include this I love that you can see the candy pink colour from the outside of the packaging, and it’s such a dolly shade – and pigmented enough that you only need the tiniest bit, so I’m hoping this will be in my collection for quite some time to come!

Have you seen how obsessed with the I am over on Instagram?! And rightly so – not only are they stunning and long lasting on the lips, but they also come in the most adorable squeezey tubes – how can you not love them?! I’ll take one in every colour please. Another Too Faced product receiving lots of Insta Love from me due to its sheer beauty are the Colour Bomb lip balms – they plump the lips and give a beautiful stained effect – perfect for if you’re after a more subtle colour to last throughout the day. Their actual lipsticks are just too beautiful as well. I thought I’d make it a hat trick and stick the La Crême Colour Drenched Lipsticks in the post too!

And finally, the new Limited Edition . The playful coloured lid and elegant bow meant I just had to include it in my Sweetest Thing collection. Its a very clean scented musk, with a floral heart but a background blend of soft sandalwood fragrance. It is a sweet scent but it is made more gentle with the honey notes – it’s absolutely delicious but somehow light and definitely suitable for an every day perfume.
What are your Sweet Beauty Favourites?