Benefit’s They’re Real – Now in Colour!

Exciting news, They’re Real lovers!
Following an incredible launch event last week (more on that below!) Benefit Cosmetics have launched their cult They’re Real Mascara and Push Up Liner in new colours – and they’re all absolutely beautiful.
If, like me, you recoil a bit at the thought of blue or purple eyeliner, with memories of 1990’s first attempt at doing your makeup visions in your head, then just stop. Stop right there because Benefit’s new killer shades are a bold way to switch up your beauty look, but all the colours are remarkably easy to wear. 
They’re Real mascara now comes in ‘Beyond Brown’ – a personal favourite – a very soft and natural look, perfect for pairing with bold lips, or for on a ‘no makeup’ day. There’s also ‘beyond blue’, for bright dazzling eyes. The liners come in brown, blue, purple and green, and the Benebabes on the counters will be on hand to help you choose which one works best for your eye colour.

The launch event was my first ever Benefit blogger event, and wow those Benebabes sure know how to get a bunch of Bloggers and YouTubers excited about a product! We walked into a very plain white room, with not much being given away as to what was soon to take place. After revealing the new range of colourful products, Benebabe Lauren pulled out an all white body suit, googles, and shoe protectors… things were about to get messy!
So we covered up head to toe, and were led into the next room, filled with plastic sheets, buckets of paint, water guns and more, and the paint fight began! I’ll be tweeting some of my snaps from the event today!
Which colour will you be trying?