First Impressions : Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy

It’s about time I switched up my usual Coral lips and neutral eyes combo, and I’d recently been on the  hunt for a new Summer lip when I discovered the . Taking the highly coveted position as my ‘everyday go-to lipstick’ is their ‘Daring’ shade (top photo) – a wearable red shade with warm orange tones which make this the most perfect lipstick for a daytime look.
They’re ultra hydrating and don’t settle onto the dry areas of my lips, and the colour stays put for hours so constant top ups are a thing of the past. As for the pigment, for a lipstick that has a more glossy finish, the colour payoff is seriously intense, so in short, there’s nothing I don’t love about these lipsticks.
In the middle image, from right, (a slightly dusky pink), (a pinky coral), (a surprisingly wearable purple shade) and (my fave).
Daring is the one I’ve been reaching for, and the one which seems to add instant luxe appeal to every look that I pull together,  you only need to take one look at my recent Instagram Selfies to see how it’s been the colour-du-jour for most of my recent snaps! It’s so much more than a standard coral shade, with the Poison Apple red hue to it, it’s somehow more grown up than the corals that I previously coveted as my go-to lip shades.

Have you tried any Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy lip shades?