A First Look at Aerin

Aerin is one of those brands that I’d admired for the beauty of the products, lusting for the delicate gold packaging, pining for the printed bottles – basically all my Instagram dreams come true. I had not, however, expected to be equally if not more blown away by the quality of the products themselves. My first dabble with the brand included testing out a couple of their , the , and their instantly recognisable Amber Musk Body Lotion.
The come in a pleasantly weighty gold tube – a satisfying ‘click’ closure and frosted detailing on the lid. A beautiful design without detracting from the product within. The lipsticks are incredibly moisturising thanks to the natural wax ingredients usually found in balm products, and yet the luxurious texture gives the medium coverage that you’d expect from a light lipstick. The finish is slightly glossy, but, preferring the matte look at the moment I chose to blot with a tissue which gave a very natural, but still fully pigmented finish. My two shades, Perfect Nude and Coral Sands are not only both beautifully flattering, but also the two colours which I see myself alternating between for the remainder of the Summer months.

The cream formula of the made me a little nervous at first – I’m historically not the most skilled at applying cream products to my face, so I began by dabbing the taupey rose shade onto my lips. A cross between a balm and a cream, the formula gave a beautiful soft shade – incredibly natural, like my By Terry Baume de Rose but even softer and more delicate. Pleased with the shade (and blown away by the gorgeous rose scent), I dared to apply it to my cheeks. If only all of my cream products could be this easy to apply. I dotted the cream onto the apples of my cheeks, and used a brush to blend. The result? A warm, very natural and healthy glow that my powder blushers could only aspire to give me. The shade ‘natural’ is a colour that i’ll be reaching for on a daily basis as Autumn sets in, it’s so wearable, and build-able too. On the cheeks, and on the lips, the Aerin Multi Color is a new unexpected favourite.
The is possibly the most beautiful of the bunch, the first impression really wows, and I knew instantly that this one would be displayed proudly on my bathroom shelves. The moment the lotion came into contact with my skin, I felt the luxurious lotion quenching and softening, and the fragrance took me by surprise – a warm coconut and rose scent, with a musky infusion which lingered on the skin. My skin looked, and felt refreshed, and the lotion sank in almost instantly – as far as first impressions go for a body lotion, I can’t imagine they get much better than this.
Have you tried Aerin yet?