5 Products My Skin is Loving Right Now

One of the fabulous things about being a beauty blogger is the constant new skincare and beauty arrivals that we get to test out and discover, before letting you know our honest opinions. Some of them are fabulous, some, not so much, but every product gets put through its paces before it’s given any lime light on my blog, or any one else’s I’m sure!

Personally I like to test things out for three weeks before writing a word on them, that way I feel that my skin has adapted to the ingredients, and only then can I truly say how they have affected me. Here also lies the negative side of being a beauty blogger, and constantly testing new products – because those that work fabulously for the skin can never truly become a part of your daily routine as you’re always testing something new. Every three weeks the cycle repeats itself.

Recently though, that has changed. Over the Summer months in particular I am travelling away from home a lot, and want to be sure that my skin is looking healthy enough to go without makeup on the beach, and after long plane journeys! Thankfully, the products that I am currently testing all seem to combine to make a skincare menu that my complexion adores, leaving my skin glowing, clear and healthy looking, and that’s before I’ve even got a tan!

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The Importance of Hydration

The constant theme amongst all of my current skincare loves is hydration. Hydrated skin is skin that glows, looks and feels fresh and clean, and your skincare as well as your diet are the two main factors for maintaining healthy levels of hydration. Starting with cleanser, move away from harsh toners, excessive exfoliation and strong chemical ingredients which can strip away the skin’s protective layer of natural oils, and evaporate the much needed moisture from within the skin. Even if your products are perfect for your skin’s needs, overusing them can have equally as damaging effects. Never over use a potent product such as a retinol serum or blemish treatment, this will just damage the skin.

Instead, I have been reaching for more gentle, natural and organic products, and cleansing my skin with the , with harekeke, cocoa butter and hibiscus flower. It’s deep cleansing and removes all impurities from the skin in a minimalist and nourishing way, the oils and lavender and chamomile sooth the skin while hibiscus flower gently exfoliates – it’s exactly what my skin is craving right now and the organic ingredients bring a scent that make cleansing a most pampering experience.

Add in Some Anti-Ageing

The second part of my current skincare routine is absolutely the most luxurious – a new formulation from La Prairie which is designed for combating those first signs of ageing. The maintains the look of younger skin over time, building resistance to signs of fatigue such as lines, dullness and dryness. In the short term, my skin feels smoothed and hydrated, and over time continual use of the product builds resistance to the moisture barrier, and protects skin against pollutants and oxidative stress from the environment.

An Extra Step

Now if there’s one thing I didn’t think I needed in my beauty routine, it was another step. I cleanse, tone, add serum, apply moisturiser and then put on my makeup, it seemed complete. But then I discovered the buzz around using an ‘essence’ in your skincare routine while I was in Hong Kong, and just a few weeks later, one appeared on my radar that I just had to try, the . I use it after my toner and serum, before my moisturiser. It’s not a hassle or a burdenous extra step, instead, I take one moment to dab and pat it onto my skin (the same as you’d apply a serum) and within moments it has sunk in, brightening up my skin and boosting it with antioxidants, leaving it looking and feeling as fresh as it possibly can.

More Moisture

My Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream came to an end recently, and while I loved it more than any other moisturiser I’d ever tried, I couldn’t justify the high price tag to re-buy. Luckily, it wasn’t long before I discovered the . Known as a ‘miracle cream’, I held high hopes before trying the cream, and certainly wasn’t disappointed. It’s somehow thick and luxurious while being lightweight, thanks to the essential oils and plant derived ingredients which the skin just loves to drink in. My dehydrated skin feels quenched and glowing when I use it, and it’s now a firm part of my daily routine.

At The End of the Day

Hydration is absolutely the running theme of this post, which sums up my skin’s current needs. The final product that I apply each day completes this trend, and it is without doubt the most hydrating product I’ve ever tried. The can be used as an intense plumping mask, or a moisturising leave on treatment (aka an overnight treatment), and both uses give an immediate and intense hydration sensation and the skin feels unbelievably refreshed and plumped. If skin is in need of a little uplift, this  mask is the one – signs of fatigue are softened, skin feels smooth and sooth, and that gentle fragrance created by the essential oils seals the deal making this a most luxurious product to use.


And so that concludes my current skincare routine! Each product offers intense hydration, soothing and smoothing my skin which is parched due to a combination of my regular travelling and busy lifestyle at the moment! For each trip I have been de-canting the products so that I can stick to a regular routine, and for once I believe that I’ve found a set of products and a routine that i’ll be sticking to! I’d love to know what products you are loving in the warmer months? Is your skin craving hydration? Let me know in the comments below!