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All About The Base

A perfect base is a skincare essential that is important all year round, however at this time of year I find that my diary is filled with fabulous occasions where I want to guarantee that my skin is looking and feeling it’s absolute best. Whether you are a guest at a wedding (or even the bride!), preparing for your school or university Prom, or heading to the Polo or horse races, healthy, glowing skin should be something you can rely on.

I recently spent the day with Braun beauty expert, Nathalie Eleni who explained the importance of deep cleansing so your primer and makeup sit more evenly on the skin. Nathalie also introduced me to Braun Face, the 2-in-1 power beauty tool. The cleansing brush is perfect for gently, but thoroughly sweeping away make-up, pollution and impurities and is 6 times more efficient at cleansing skin that hands alone.

As a fan of multi-tasking products, I was also excited to learn that there’s a slim epilator head which removes even invisible hairs on the eyebrows, upper lip and chin, so no need to spend ages in front of the mirror manually plucking. Not only that, but the Braun Face is the world’s first facial epilator and cleansing brush combined, so the epilation attachment can be used to remove those tiny invisible hairs around the upper lip of around the eyebrow area. I also discovered that the Braun Face can be used for makeup and skincare application as well as removal – thanks to a bonus pack of additional brushes which can be bought separately, and i’ll explain more about the different brushes later in the post.

So, using the Braun Face, here is my guide to creating the perfect skincare base for your upcoming special occasions! 2009 1485

Step One – Cleansing

I’ve banged on about this a million times before, but a thorough cleansing routine is the single most important part of any beauty routine. Removing makeup and dirt from the skin through proper cleansing is absolutely essential for the long term regeneration and health of your skin, and in the short term a properly cleansed face will allow serums, moisturisers and creams to be better absorbed so that you benefit from the full impact of the products, and have a smooth perfected base ready to build your makeup look for the day. Alternatively, if you’re opting for a makeup free day, then a fresh clean face is essential, so once again a properly cleansed face is of utmost importance.

When it comes to choosing a cleanser, I love creams, balms and oils, depending on your skincare needs and to be entirely honest, brand and price is not always hugely important here (although I do have my favourites), as long as you use it properly. A lot of cleansers come with a Muslin cloth but I find that this can often just push the product around my face instead of working it into the skin, so a sonic facial brush is perfect for applying and removing your cleanser to remove the impurities from the skin as well as buffing away dead skin cells that block pores and make the complexion appear flaky, dull and dry. 1997


I cleanse twice a day, in the mornings and in the evenings. My morning cleanse is like a ritual, I use my most luxurious products to pamper my skin and prepare my complexion for the day ahead. At the moment I’m using Oskia’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel which I apply using my fingers and then massage using my Braun Face. I massage the product over my forehead, neck and jawline in particular using the Braun Face in circular motions. At the moment my skin is fairly sensitive due to recent sun exposure so I’ve been using the pink brush attachment, with the softest bristles which do not agitate skin and still give a thorough cleanse.

In the evening I tend to get sleepy and lazy fairly early on in the evening, so I try to remove my makeup and thoroughly cleanse my skin as soon as I’m home. I remove my makeup using a micellar water which means my skin is already product free before I cleanse. This is a step that I’m amazed how often is skipped out, but there is truly no point in investing in a good cleanser if you’re not going to apply to clean skin.

I then use a gentle foaming facial cleanser with my cleansing brush (again with the sensitive brush head) to ensure that every last particle of makeup is removed, and my skin completely cleansed.

Now that the skin is perfectly clean, your serums and creams will be absorbed so much better, so you can truly benefit from the ingredients within them. Your skin will love you for it! 2249 2261 2255 2267


Exfoliation is an extra step that can be done a few times a week. You’ll start to recognise when your skin is asking for you to exfoliate; personally I’d describe it as when you can ‘feel’ your makeup or skin feels full and congested – this means you are overdue an exfoliation.

An AHA based cleanser can be used to exfoliate the skin and is effective at treating fine lines, enlarged pores and dull skin, but to remove those dead skin cells, some buffing is required! This is where I reach for the blue brush from Braun’s face brush pack. Offering deep exfoliation to rid skin of dead skin cells and draw any impurities from the skin, it should be used with a mild formula cleanser that you are confident that your skin already loves. I usually exfoliate in the evenings and then apply a comforting serum and moisturiser afterwards to treat my skin to some lovely pampering, but if you choose to exfoliate in the morning always ensure to follow with sun block (SPF 30 or above) as your new skin beneath is vulnerable to sun damage and needs protecting. 2036 2056 2047


Your serum can be selected depending on your skin’s specific needs, such as dehydration, large pores, wrinkles etc and following a thorough cleanse, a serum will sink in very quickly to the upper layers of skin. Usually they do not offer any moisturisation, so always follow wth a cream or oil to comfort and protect the skin.

Serum can be used morning and evening as part of a skincare routine, and I like to choose a different serum at each time of day to address my skins need. I pump a few drops into my hands and massage into the entire face, waiting a few moments for my skin to feel dry again before moving onto the next step.


Skin feels more comfortable and looks brighter and more plumped after moisturiser application; it seals in your skincare and protects the skin from the elements, so not a step to be skipped. I apply a generous amount when skin feels dry, and alter the amount accordingly on days when my skin doesn’t feel so dehydrated. I warm the cream between my fingertips and massage onto the skin using firm movements but without rubbing – this can cause creams to clump which is never a good thing!

Often I don’t have time to wait for the final layer of moisturiser to sink into my skin, so I use the sponge brush on the Braun Face to buff the remaining product into my skin, meaning I’m ready to apply makeup straight away after moisturising. 2059

Makeup Application

A good base makes a huge difference to your overall appearance, more so than brows, mascara, lips – and I think that mastering your base as soon as possible is a makeup skill you’ll always cherish. Good looking skin is the building block of every beauty look, and once you’ve mastered your skincare using the tips above, the final step is with foundation.

Foundation, personally I find is the most transformative of makeup products and yet it’s the one step that so many get wrong. Foundation has come a long way from dull, matte and cakey complexions, and once mastered, it can be a true game changer.

I could write an entire post on the different types of foundation and how to choose the right one for you, but let’s skip ahead and presume that you’ve found your perfect product and now want to master the application.

A sponge, brush, or even just fingertips can be used to apply foundation, but I prefer to use all of the above! Pop some foundation on the back of your hand before dotting and stroking onto the face. I apply to my forehead, each cheek, and my chin before using a brush to blend out toward my hair and jawline. If any brush marks are visible, it means too much product has been applied, so try a smaller pump next time. I don’t apply product down my neck as it ruins my clothing, but instead spend a few moments focusing on the jawline ensuring a perfect blend.

For a truly airbrushed and perfected finish, the sponge that I used to buff in my moisturiser on the Braun Face can then be used to buff and finish my foundation. This creates a smooth and glowing finish, and even better if there is still a small amount of moisturiser remaining on the brush – your skin will appear glowing and fresh but the buffing action will eliminate any shine. 2068 2070 2094

You know the rest…

Once your base is perfected, the rest of your makeup application will be simple. A smooth base is truly the most important step, and your bronzer, brows, lips and eye makeup can be varied depending on the look you wish to create.

Here I’m creating a look perfect for a Summer Prom, complete with a perfect base, I continued to use bronzer to give my face some depth and colour, before filling in and shaping my brows to further frame my face. I opted for neutral eyeshadow and a very on trend brown/pink lip. 2099 2102 2106 2110 2121 2125 2126 2141 2131 2153 2165 2166

A Final Note

A good base is truly something to master as soon as possible, it’s something that will never go out of fashion and once you start to treat skin to a thorough and efficient cleanse, the rest of your makeup application will become a breeze. Using the Braun Face for cleansing is a sure way to ensure you are getting the most out of your cleansers, and your skin will appreciate the thoroughness of your new routine – within just a few days skin condition will noticeably improve.

The Braun Face currently retails for £44.99 and is available from

Would you agree with the importance of a perfect base? Do you have any skincare tips? Share them in the comments below, I’d love to know your thoughts!




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