NARS Orgasm Blush – Is it Still the Best Blush Ever?!

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Yes, Yes, Yes!


If you’ve landed on this page as a result of some poor SEO, looking for a more shady type of article, click away now. This post is about blusher, makeup, and nothing else. I start with this statement because the last time I wrote about , the search terms that had led people to stumble upon my post were enough to make my cheeks glow pink – quite similar in fact to the result of actually using the iconic blush.

Moving swiftly on.

NARS Orgasm has been given a super size upgrade for Summer, and, available now for a limited time, the new blush is almost double the size of a regular NARS blush. For many years, the Orgasm blusher has been a holy grail beauty product for me, it was the first ‘high end’ blush that I ever bought and in fact I still own that compact to this day, and it still hasn’t hit pan as you need only the slightest touch to give that rosy tint to your cheeks.

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Size Matters

(sorry, again)

Aside from the size, the packaging has been altered too, still the iconic black rubberised NARS compact, but with NARS Orgasm plastered across the front, and the inside mirror revealing the hashtag #whatmakesyoublush. Inside, the film covering the blush reveals the iconic model image, designed by French art-editorial director, Fabien Baron.

The XXL version of the powder contains a huge mirror in the lid of the compact, and comes in a box too beautiful to throw away, but it’s the blush inside that gets me really excited. Since it’s release in 1999, the peachy pink blush with just the hint of shimmer has mesmerised women of every skin-tone, thanks to it’s other-worldly glow (and it’s name, let’s be honest) and long lasting flattering colour.

There are many ways to experience NARS Orgasm almost 20 years after the first launch, from , a creamy blush stick, the, a sheer, luminous liquid, to even a coordinating and nail polish. There’s even Super Orgasm if you want the same iconic shade, but twice the intensity.

The new super size blush is £28, not a small amount to drop on a blusher, even for a makeup fanatic like myself. So, is it worth it? Well, in short, yes. For £9 more than the regular blush, you’re getting almost double the amount of product, and as I mentioned with my existing Orgasm blush, it takes years of use before you even notice a dent in it (if you’re sparing like me!). Now, that’s a beauty investment!

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NARS Orgasm Blush Limited Edition is £28 available from Space NK .





Are you a NARS Orgasm fan? Let me know your thoughts!