How to Redefine your Style during LFW


… Without spending a penny!

London Fashion Week is a time of year when we take a long hard look at our personal style. Often filled with thoughts of comparison, and self doubt – I know I’ve certainly had the odd wobbly about not having anything to wear during the most fashion focused days of the year! Previously, when I’ve had moments that I’ve looked at my wardrobe worrying about having nothing to wear, I’ve panic bought – purchasing for someone else style and not my own, leading to bags of unloved, still labeled clothes gathering dust on the hangers 6 months later.

As a blogger, documenting many of my outfits online and to thousands of followers across social platforms, the pressure is well and truly on. You certainly don’t want to look back in a few months time and wonder ‘why the heck did I wear that?!’ so a wardrobe rediscovery is something I like to do every few months, to re-connect with my personal style.

If you’ve ever struggled with the ‘I have nothing to wear’ drama, then follow my tips on rediscovering your style – without spending a penny!




1. Pull Everything Out of your Wardrobe!
Sounds like a long and tiresome task, but think about it; if you walk into a messy shop, you’re far less likely to pick something up and buy it. I believe the same applies to your wardrobe. A quick refresh and tidy up should leave you feeling more inspired when you next open up your wardrobe – you may even rediscover some hidden gems that had made their way to the back of your closet, or become squished in between pieces you’ve not worn in months. Anything that doesn’t suit your personal style – now’s the time to put it to one side, perhaps even sell it on, or take it to a charity shop for someone else to love it.

2. Search your Wardrobe on Pinterest
Honestly, this really works! Sometimes I find pieces in my wardrobe that I absolutely adore, but I can’t seem to fathom the creativity to pull together a look with it. It’s times like this that I pop it into the Pinterst search bar, and then scroll through street style snaps for inspo. Whether it’s a new silhouette for a coat I picked up, or how to wear trainers without looking like a scruffy teenage boy – Pinterest is my go-to for getting outfit inspiration for pieces that are already in my wardrobe.

3. A Little Edit
Now I don’t want you to go totally OTT by adding glitter and crazy embellishments, or spray paint logos on your jeans and tees, but a little DIY here and there can work wonders on your wardrobe. I recently did a video on a few easy DIYs – simple and cheap ways to update your wardrobe using inexpensive additions, but even edits as simple as chopping the hem off an old pair of tired jeans to create a frayed or stepped hem can make you fall back in love with them. Once again, Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration!



4. Out with the Old
Following on from my first point, a wardrobe clearout is a great time to de-clutter and get rid of  those pieces that you know you’re never going to wear again. If you havn’t worn something for a few months, and feel that it no longer represents the style you wish to portray,  box it up and send it to charity. Equally if something is not in season, tidy it away under the bed, or into the loft so that your wardrobe isn’t chockablock with pieces that aren’t weather appropriate.

5. Snap the Winners
We all have days when you walk out the door feeling our most stylish selves. Well, on those days, take a quick snap of your #ootd for future reference. These are outfits made up from pieces you already own, and they epitomise your personal style. They can serve as inspiration for spin-off outfits, or if you’re at a loss, you can recreate the entire look.




Popchips have redefined their style too!

It’s not just us fashionistas that crave a makeover during LFW – but our favourite fashion week snack too! With a chic and colourful new take on the Popchips packaging, the new IT bags were stealing the show as the go-to snack during fashion week. Much healthier than your usual fried crisps, they’re lighter and much more tasty, thanks to the spices and seasoning added into the chips and the way that they’re popped as opposed to deep fried. Flavours include Sea Salt, Salt & Vinager, Barbecue and Sour Cream and Onion – all the classics as well as as the more unusual but equally as tasty Thai Sweet Chilli, Black Pepper and more!




What I Wore

Silk Blouse by Zara

Jeans by Mango at Label Online

Bag by Valentino

Shoes by River Island

Watch by Shore Projects

Grey Pearl Bracelet by Ted Baker

Rose Gold Bracelet by Carat London

Sunglasses by Sunglass Hut



Do you have any tips for rediscovering your Style?


This post is kindly in collaboration with Popchips!


– Thanks so much to COMB for the photos – check out their app here –