This is NOT a drill : ghd Copper stylers are here!


Feast your Eyes on This

This is not a drill, I repeat. This is NOT a drill.

GHD are releasing COPPER luxe hair straighteners, and I’m pretty sure they’re the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Launching today on October 1st, ghd have revamped their well loved platinum stylers, giving them a luxurious face lift and a beautiful copper finish – much to the delight of bloggers, instagrammers and the visually obsessed hair addicts the world over.

It’s not just the platinum stylers either that have had a face lift – the classic V stylers have been given the luxurious face lift and also the air hairdryer.

I know you don’t need me to tell you how or why the ghd stylers are that incredible, you know that already. So I’m going to make this post a whole lot of eye candy, so you can enjoy the beauty of the new Christmas collection.






What’s The Fuss About?

Just in case you needed a memory refresh, let me explain why exactly the ghd stylers are the most fabulous thing to ever happen to your hair. The platinum stylers are designed and tested meticulously to reduce hair breakage and increase shine thanks to the Tri-Zone technology within the plates. For straightening addicts this is a game changer – no more do we have to worry about our hair becoming brittle, dull and damaged, because ghd platinum stylers heat to the optimum temperature of 185 degrees to give sleek smooth locks, with minimum damage.
The wishbone hinge gives you complete control and flexibility while styling, and the styler comes with a heat proof mat / pouch for styling on the go.



What’s In The Bag?

So, you’re tempted, right? If it’s time for an upgrade (or you just NEED them, because – copper.) then you’ll be pleased to know that you’re treated to not just the innovative copper luxe platinum styler within the premium gift set, but also this beautiful heat resistant bag, and also two Nails Inc nail polishes designed to compliment the luxe colours of the stylers. This gift set retailer for £175 and is available in salons, retailers and from today.

If you’re more of a ghd V styler type of gal, you’ll also get the beautiful bag and one Nails Inc polish in your premium gift set too.




The ghd Flight

For those on the go, the newly engineered ghd flight is a game changer. With 85% of the power of the ghd air, it truly is fast drying care for your hair, anywhere. It’s lightweight and compact thanks to the folding design, with the beautiful design details that you’d expect from ghd.



ghd platinum styler premium gift set – £175
ghd V gold styler premium gift set – £165
ghd flight gift set – £49
ghd air & gold v styler gift set – £195


So, what do you think?! Is this the most beautiful hair styler you’ve ever laid eyes upon?

Will you be putting the new Copper ghd styler on your Christmas list?