What to Buy a Blogger for Christmas


Ah, bloggers. Possibly the hardest people in the world to buy for?!

Each year, family and friends ask me what I’d like for Christmas. ‘You’re impossible to buy for’ are words that I’ve heard far too often. So accustomed to trying the latest makeup launches, discovering new tech before it’s even hit the shop floors, and putting new fashion trends through their paces – it seems that there’s nothing left that could truly impress a blogger on Christmas day.

Today’s gift guide features a few products which I personally would love to receive this Christmas, as well as a focus on something that I’ve recently been trialling out which I personally feel would make an excellent gift for not only bloggers, but those notoriously hard to buy for people on your Christmas list too.

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Introducing Libratone

For bloggers, as much as we adore beauty products, the latest fashions, photogenic stationary and basically anything marble or copper, the one thing we can’t live without is our technology. Whether it’s our camera, laptop, hard drive or earphones – our tech is what helps us create our content to the best of our ability – so ensuring we have the perfect solutions to our needs is a sure fire way to impress us at Christmas.

As I look to improve the quality of my YouTube videos, image quality and sound is something that needs attention, so when I trialled the new Libratone Q-Adapt On Ear Headphones, I knew they’d become part of my daily editing routine. Firstly, the fact that they’re wireless and easy to set up. I never have time to read instruction manuals so the fact that I could connect with just a couple of clicks made them an instant winner. Sound quality is unlike anything I’ve heard before (despite trying a fair few high end earphones in the past) and their simple sleek design means I don’t feel conscious about having a ginormous set of headphones on my head – instead, they complete the look.

Shop the Libratone Range

Aside from ensuring the sound on my videos is the best it could possibly be, they are also the perfect partner for a day working from home. With just a tap on the earphone itself, I can answer a call and adjust the volume of the speakers, I don’t even need to touch my phone. There’s a built in microphone and noise cancelling technology – so no more repeating myself or moving to a quiet room to make those important calls.

It’s not all about work though – music is something which chills me out – I wear the headphones when listening to my guided meditation apps in the morning – the noise cancelling helps me to drift off to my own world for those few precious moments. When listening to music I can share the experience with those around me thanks to syncing function – great for joint workouts, or when watching a film together on long journeys.

All of these benefits as well as practical plus points like a long battery life make them a fab gift for bloggers, as well as those who appreciate great quality sound, and technology that actually makes their lives easier as opposed to adding confusion.

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Completing the Look
Earphones by Libratone  |  Jumper by COS  |  Bag by Gucci  |  Jeans by Hollister  

As well as the best in tech, there are a few other pieces which I’ve been adding to my Christmas wishlist. If you’ve got any other ideas for what to buy a blogger for Christmas, let me know in the comments below!

Portable Phone Chargers – We are on our phones all day, everyday! Instead of running the risk of a flat battery, or having to hope that you can leave your phone charging behind the bar during your meeting (and risk not being able to get that perfect snapchat of your coffee!) a portable phone charger that’s lightweight and handbag sized is an absolute essential. This Marble one is an absolute blogger’s dream.

Phone Cable – Perfect for smaller handbags if you don’t have room for a charger, or just as a more hard-wearing version of the ones Apple give you with the phone, these reinforced cables are functional as well as sparkly!

A Hard Drive – these are pricey, but an absolute essential for all the large files we have to store. Photos, videos, media kits – they all take up valuable disk space, so the gift of a hard drive is something a blogger will always appreciate.

This post is in collaboration with Libratone – all opinions, as always, are my own!