The Importance of Reflecting on 2016 Before the End of the Year





What’s Next?

It’s something we are all probably guilty of; always thinking about ‘whats next’ instead of being thankful for what has happened. At this time of year it’s so easy to be consumed with thoughts of how we are going to be bigger and better in 2017; encouraging ourselves to achieve more goals, succeed in more things and become a better person. But what about sparing a thought for the achievements of this year?

The Importance of Reflection

Just yesterday I was brainstorming some new years resolutions, and planning great things for next year. I questioned if I could have done more in 2016 to achieve my goals – especially those that I narrowly missed (100k subscribers on YouTube!). As I sat back to think, my inbox pinged, and someone from across the world who I have never met before had sent a poem and note, appreciating the inspiration that I had created for her this past year. Often we get so caught up in trying to be better, that we forget to appreciate and acknowledge everything we’ve done this year.

So, before you go charging into 2017 full of ideas about what you’re going to do next to be more successful, be a better person and achieve more goals – why not use these last couple of days to indulge in accomplishment for what has been. Here are just a couple of reasons why.



Reasons to Reflect


Gratitude leads to Growth. If I took one thing from reading The Secret, it was that you cannot enjoy more of something, if you aren’t grateful for what you already have. By looking back and appreciating all the wonderful things that happened to you in 2016, you are attracting similar things to happen to you in 2017, as gratitude is perhaps the most important exercise within the Law of Attraction. If you’re wondering what the heck I’m on about, you need to read The Secret. Seriously do, it’s life changing.


Reflection builds confidence. Looking back over your incredible achievements in 2016 is a time to reflect and be proud of your achievements. Did you get through an emotionally tough patch? Did you smash one of your work goals? Taking the time to take an inventory of the things that you’re proud of yourself for will help you to reaffirm to yourself that you’ve got what it takes to succeed in 2017.


It’s an opportunity for me-time. Take some time out of your day each evening to reflect on things you are thankful and grateful for each day in 2017. I’ve got a gratitude journal from Kikki K, but you can use any old notepad. Make a cup of tea, get into your PJs and jot down the things that you’re grateful for each and every day.  You could do this now for things you’re grateful for in 2016 and just by doing so, you’re creating a stronger foundation for goals that you set for next year.


Make Reflection a daily habit in 2017

If you cannot think back to the last time you truly reflected on your achievements, why not consider making it a daily habit? Perhaps a one sentence journal (I’m sure you’re seen The Happiness Project on Instagram) that you write in at the same time every day. It’s a habit that soon you’ll learn to love, and it’s particularly great when you have a year’s worth of entires to look back on.

Do it every day, at the same time. It takes just a few minutes so make reflection a daily habit – perhaps you’ll have a trigger like straight after you brush your teeth – or set notifications on your phone as a reminder at the same time every day.

Reflection while exercising is great too. Take the time to think about your achievements when you’re away from your desk. Perhaps you enjoy running or walking? Make a daily appointment with yourself, and stick to it.

Have you reflected on 2016  yet? What have been your greatest achievements this year?



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