Last Chance Gift Guide for Him

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Last Minute Christmas Shopper?

Yep, me too.

Every year the one person that I always truly struggle to buy for is Charlie. He’s a perfectionist, and he always buys me the most fabulous thoughtful gifts. He has high standards and is also extremely picky. Pretty much the hardest person in the world to buy for. Add to that the fact that this year he has also started blogging, and the list of things that I’d usually rely on as go-to gifts are no longer applicable. He has all the aftershave and grooming kits he could possibly need, and as for watches, I think he has collaborated with almost every instagram watch brand under the sun!

When it comes to last minute shopping too, it gets risky. Will the pieces I choose arrive on time? Will they be as nice as they look on the website? Well thankfully this year Mr. Porter has been a godsend. Already familiar with Net-A-Porter (of course!), I knew that I could rely on their male equivalent to provide me with gift inspiration from luxurious brands, and some products that I just know Charlie will love. As well as the fabulous product selection, they are also offering free next day delivery on all orders. Yep, you read that right! Hallelujah!!

As well as the usual gifts like socks, aftershave and watches, Mr Porter also has an edit of more refined gifts – and for this, i’ll be forever grateful. I feel like 2016 has truly been a great year for Male grooming. As well as Charlie (who, let’s be honest, has never been afraid to show his love of face masks and touch up sticks) I’ve noticed more and more ‘manly men’, I’m talking Rugby playing, beer drinking guys, getting into their grooming. There’s no longer any judgement or stigma attached to the guys that like to look after themselves, and instead, men are proud to look after their appearances. If this sounds like your man, then why not introduce him to the luxurious world of Aesop with one of these Intrepid Gent Grooming Kits, or splurge on an Air Safe Leather Manicure Set for the chap that likes to keep up appearances while on the go.


If the man you’re buying for appreciates the finer details around the home, he will adore the luxurious candles on offer on Mr.Porter, Charlie has already hinted about this one from Cire Trudon – it’s masculine design and strong oud scent create the ultimate luxe environment.

It really made me chuckle recently when I overheard Charlie and his rugby pals discussing luxury umbrellas (wow, how things change. When I first met him he was still pronouncing Ralph Lauren wrong!) and Mr Porter has quite a selection. Of course, spending over £100 on an umbrella definitely won’t be appreciated by all men, but if he does like little luxuries like Charlie then perhaps one from a brand such as London Undercover could be a perfect gift (even if it is just so that he can have boasting rights at the next Rugby match!).


For the workaholic, why not upgrade his laptop case with a sleek leather folio like this Vegetable Tanned Leather laptop protector from Atelier de L’Armée, or perhaps a smaller luxury leather gift like a new stylish Passport case?

Finally, you can’t go wrong with a designer accessory. Charlie appreciates great craftsmanship so I know he will adore this classic leather belt from Mulberry. Plus, for our first Christmas together we coincidently both bought each other a Mulberry gift, so the brand has always been special to us (but oh how I do miss my staff discount!).

If you’ve still not found the perfect gift for your man, whether it’s a boyfriend, husband, brother or father then I hope this edit has helped you! And don’t panic, you still have a few more days to make those final decisions thanks to Mr. Porter’s next day delivery. Happy shopping!

Here are a few more of my favourites from Mr Porter;