A Love Story | What To Wear on Valentines Day

It’s OK to love Valentines Day!

Ah, the day of love. Valentines is a love or hate occasion, but for me it’s one for celebrating with our loved ones; whether that be a partner, a group of girlfriends, your dog, or just a really good Mac n Cheese. A lot of people say ‘shouldn’t we love our partners everyday?’ and absolutely, yes we should, but I know I am not alone in saying that amongst our ridiculously busy working lives, there’s a distinct lack of time to sit down and relax with those that we love, so it can sometimes be something we don’t have time to appreciate.

Having one day to do nothing other than spend quality time together is far more important than the red love heart balloons and cheesy cards (although if you see any Sausage Dog cards, hit me up, Charlie judges me based on my card choice and it’s resemblance to Dexter) and more about remembering what the day is actually about. There’s too much anger and negativity in the world and so having a day purely devoted to love is something which I’m very happy to be a part of.

The day itself doesn’t need to be a huge extravaganza either. For Charlie and I this year, yes we might write some soppy messages in Dachshund themed cards, but we will spend the evening at home cooking our favourite meal together. Simply acknowledging that we’re happy together, our little family with Dexter of course, is all we need on that day, and it’s certainly not about the expensive gifts or extravagant meals.

What To Wear on Valentines Day

No matter where you’ll be celebrating Valentines, it’s the perfect occasion to dress up. You know me, any excuse to wear a pretty pink dress and I’m there! Cliche as it may be, I dress up for myself on Valentines day, because I know that if I feel confident in what I wear, then the evening will be so much more enjoyable. Overdressed is simply not in my vocabulary, so whether it’s a dinner date for two in our home, or an evening at a cocktail bar in London, you can’t go wrong with your signature style.

For me, that’s something elegant, feminine and timeless, and this pink dress ticks all of those boxes. The flattering silhouette is created from a floral printed Jacquard material, it’s a classic peplum style with a drop waist to add a modern touch. It fits the body perfectly, highlighting a feminine shape, and the dreamy pastel shades give it a whimsical feel – perfect for V day. At under £100, it’s not out of my budget either, and its timeless design means I’ll be wearing this for many occasions to come.

If you’ve got a favourite pair of shoes, what better day to wear them than Valentines? I know Charlie loves my rose gold Gianvitto Rossi heels, and while they may not be my most comfortable pair, they certainly do give a leg lengthening illusion which I am always grateful for! I accessorise with a mix of affordable jewellery such as this £5 faux pearl bracelet, my everyday rings, and more luxurious pieces such as these sparkling diamond earrings.

A fragrance is always my finishing touch, and for Valentines, I’m opting for Chloe’s Love Story. Scent is the strongest way to revoke memories, and this is the scent that I wore when Charlie and I first met. What used to be my everyday scent is now reserved for special occasions, and always takes us back to our meeting and those precious first dates together. The scent is no secret, in fact I know so many girls that also wear the floral, seductive scent. But each of us have our own memories with the fragrance, our own love story. Chloe Love Story scent is available from Fragrance Direct, as well as a variety of gift sets too.

Dress by Coast   |   Shoes by Gianvitto Rossi  |   Bracelet by Claire’s   |   Ring by Monica Vinader   |   Scent by Chloe from Fragrance Direct

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How will you be spending Valentines this year? 




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