Lady of Le Logis – My French Outfit Diaries

Bienvenue a Le Logis!

At the beginning of the month, I was invited to the beautiful Cognac region in the South of France, to spend a couple of days at Le Logis – the home of Grey Goose. The stunning chateau style building lies at the heart of a huge plot of land surrounded by Vineyards and also just happens to be 15 minutes away from the Maître de Chai and founder of Grey Goose resides. We arrived after an hour long drive from Bordeaux to be greeted by the team of friendly staff, who showed us to our beautiful bedrooms before inviting us to sit together for a feast of french cuisine. Of course it wasn’t too long before we were treated to our first cocktail; Le Grand Fizz.

Le Grand Fizz is a signature Grey Goose cocktail; simple yet incredibly refreshing with a light floral and citrus profile. It’s created with GreyGoose, St. Germain Liqueur, Fever-Tree Club Soda and fresh limes. Also staying with us at Le Logis was the Bar Manager of The Ned; Dan Berger – who added his own twists to the cocktail, treating us to new flavour combinations over the duration of the stay.

As well as exquisite drinks we also enjoyed the most scrumptious food during our time at Le Logis; the kitchen staff and chefs prepared dishes worthy of Michelin starred restaurants, using an array of local produce and seasonal delicacies. Many dishes were also prepared by Anna Barnett who chose ingredients and tastes to pair perfectly with the cocktail. Spending a couple of days in a grand chateaux in the South of France, eating incredible food and enjoying the greatest cocktails – this doesn’t really sound like work, does it?!

On our second day, we had the great pleasure to meet Francois Thibault. Creator of the original recipe for Grey Goose, he told us of his history growing up in Cognac where his father was a wine grower, and how he learnt his skills while working for cognac distilleries in the region. We heard of one of Francois’ clients; Sidney Frank; who imported liquor from Europe to the United States – and who then approached Francois to create a new kind of vodka that would be more luxurious and extraordinary than anything that existed. You may know some of the rest of the story – surrounding the controversy of making vodka as a Maître de Chai and the eventual acceptance of the practise in France – from the incredible Grey Goose ad that launched in 2013.

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