5 Ways To Adapt Your Summer Wardrobe to Autumn’s Key Trends

Don’t Pack Away your Summer Wardrobe Just Yet…

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this in August, when it should be the peak of Summer, but I’m already planning my Autumn wardrobe. I made my first Autumnal purchases this weekend and I’m excited to wear my new and . I know I’m not alone because the stores are already filled with pieces that we will be wearing well into the colder months. But, panic not. There’s no need to pack away your Summer wardrobe just yet! There are some easy styling tactics you can use to transition your Summer wardrobe into one that’s ready for Autumn, without having to fork out on new pieces. Here’s how I’m transitioning my Summer wardrobe on these grey Autumnal days!


Adding boots & a Jacket! 

So it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that adding ankle boots and a suede or leather jacket to your summer dresses is an instant way to make the look more suitable for cooler temperatures. If your dress, like the one pictured in this post already checks some of Autumns trends (such as the more Autumnal dusky pink shade and ‘folk’ style detailing on the sleeves) then why not switch your sandals for some boots (such as these perhaps?!) and add a suede jacket like the I keep banging on about, to make the look more autumnal.

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Uncertain weather means that layering is the safest option. Instead of opting for heavy jumpers that you’ll regret when it starts to warm up after lunch, opt for a light blouse or a cami, a vest, and then a jacket. Then depending on which way the weather turns, you can either keep all your layers on, or whip off your jacket & vest to cool down a little. I also think that layering adds lots of visual interest to a look, and can be a great way of re-styling some of your favourite summer pieces.

Adding Accessories

Sometimes, all you need to do to update your look for Autumn is to add in some classic autumnal accessories. Of course, here in the UK an umbrella is often top of the list, but pieces such as and hats are functional and fashionable – completing an outfit visually but also giving you much needed protection from the cold! I’ve already seen lots of people bundling up in cosy scarves on chilly mornings, and there are some hats that I’ve got my eye on from the highstreet too!

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Cosy Cardigans

Many of my Summer dresses can be restyled and worn on chillier mornings with the addition of a cosy cardigan, and thanks to the rising trend of luxurious cardigans, we don’t have to worry about looking too grannyish either – woohoo! Stick to neutral shades for added versatility and don’t be afraid of investing in a good quality cardigan, trust me, you’ll get a lot of use from it!

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Maximise your Maxi Dresses!

Maxi dresses look fabulous on beach holidays and whimsical at festivals, but actually they are great for Autumn too. Thanks to the extra fabric they’re great for retaining warmth, so if your favourite maxi is a versatile colour and pattern that could pass for one of Autumns key trends, then why not add a new belt, a more autumnal lipstick and a jacket, and restyle it for the cooler months?!


How will you be switching up your wardrobe for Autumn?



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