Why Lip Balm Is My Beauty Bestie


Chapped lip season is just around the corner, so it pays to start adding to the hydrations now. With a new lip balm launch that got me really excited (probably far more so than a lip balm ever should!) I thought I’d share a few tips for using every beauty lovers staple product.

The launch is the ; a range of new super hydrating balms launched last month, which coat the lips in nourishing ingredients such as lemon butter and coconut oil. The packaging impressed me instantly with a smooth and ‘chunky’ tube which you twist up to reveal the soft buttery balm. My lips are constantly dry, so the fact that the balm instantly smoothed them was another fabulous first impression. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, the balms also keep lips hydrated for up to 12 hours – and while that may not seem necessary right now, just wait until those temperatures start to drop…..

The untainted balm is great for a night mask for lips. I rub the balm all over lips before bed, and it acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss, conditioning and nourishing my lips while I sleep. As for the coloured versions, my favourite of which is Naturally Nude shade (of course!) they make for great primers ahead of lipstick application. Just like your skin, lips need regular exfoliation, so what I like to do is use a sugar scrub every few days to exfoliate dead skin from the lips, and them apply a balm directly on top. This keeps my lips soft and I find this a crucial part of my beauty routine ahead of winter.

Knowing what not to use within your lip balms is equally as important as knowing how to use it! I always avoid balms with any strong flavour, it tends to dry out and irritate the lips, and if you are a fan of plumping formulas, look for those with hyaluronic acid instead. The fact that the Kiehls balms are made from all natural ingredients therefore is another huge plus!


Have you tried the new Kiehls Butterstick Lip Treatment yet? And what’s your favourite way to use a balm?


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