An Unforgettable Evening In Britain’s Highest Bedroom

Remember Remember the 5th November…

The saying could not be more true of the memorable 5th November that Charlie and I were fortunate to experience just a few days ago, thanks to a once in a lifetime opportunity to stay at the very top of The Shard in a ‘pop-up’ bedroom created by . The travel expert website are known for their diverse range of accommodation, from traditional hotels to igloos and treehouses, so they were thrilled to be able to create a truly unique stay for us.

Blogging has enabled me to experience some very incredible things, fantastic trips abroad and spectacular events, but this latest evening was something so spectacular, it left me speechless. We arrived at 7pm and were whisked up to the 68th floor – where during the day you can experience The View From The Shard. The viewing platform is a panoramic view point with vistas across the entire city, and we were lucky enough to have a perfectly clear evening so the sparkling buildings below and the firework displays across the capital were captivating to see. As we arrived, the Southbank fireworks could be seen far below where we stood – let me tell you – there’s something quite mind boggling about being above the firework displays!!

Of course, there is accommodation in The Shard, I’ve stayed at the Shangri La previously and was blown away by the views from our room, but for, that wasn’t enough. They wanted to create a once in a lifetime expereince – do something that’s not been done before and give their guests an unforgettable experience, so they constructed beautiful romantic bedrooms on the viewing platform right at the very top and arranged a fabulous three course meal and hot chocolate on the open air viewing platform to make it the perfect evening, and a spectacular way to experience Bonfire Night.

On a chilly November evening, there’s nothing more satisfying than a cheese fondue, so our Autumn Squash fondue overflowing with Gruyere Choux was exactly the type of dish we were craving. The hearty starter was presented on an olive wood board with radishes, walnuts and palma ham, with black olive ‘soil’ for an extra taste sensation and visual effect too.

We were then treated to a main course of seared duck breast – cooked to perfection – and potato pancakes, who knew that dining at altitude would be such a gastronomically fabulous affair!?

After our desert of a delicious chocolate and fruit mousse, we were invited to take a mug of steaming hot chocolate (with marshmallows and chocolate stirrer of course) up to the open air viewing platform – at the very top of The Shard.

As if the view wasn’t excitement enough, on the very top we were also able to experience the UK’s highest virtual reality concept – sitting aboard a wooden ‘slide’ and before you know it you’re in a virtual world, sliding down a giant snaking slide that winds its way around the Shard – highly amusing to both experience for yourself and watch other people experiencing!

At 11pm it was lights off, had pre-loaded an iPad with Netflix films for us to enjoy, and eye masks to shut off the glimmering city lights below us.


Waking up to the pink misty glow of sunrise over London is an experience I shall certainly never forget – it’s something I’ll be telling friends and family about for years no doubt – a truly once in a lifetime experience.

Thank you to for our incredible evening!