Key pieces to invest in to make a statement outfit this festive season

Invest in pieces to make a statement with your OOTD this festive Season…

When it comes to investment pieces in my wardrobe, I only have a small handful. I don’t ever make a designer purchase on a whim. In fact, I often buy an affordable alternative first to see how much use I will get out of it but this almost always leads me to buying the real deal.

If you’ve you’ve been following me for a while you will know that I am obsessed with my neutral colour palette but by choosing core stand out pieces, you can turn an outfit from drab to fab  within seconds. I absolutely love to mix high and lower price pieces, purchasing high street designs to add trend details to my look, but investing in classic investment pieces to not only add a fun statement to my #ootd but a luxe touch to my outfit.

The festive period is the perfect time to invest in these pieces since you probably have so many Christmas parties or gatherings to attend. One of my favourite ways to make a statement is with a designer handbag. There’s something about the beautiful and stimulating feeling of adding one to complete your #ootd that is hard to put into words. With this in mind, I look to FarFetch for their incredible selection of luxury brands. A Chole Nile bracelet bag has been at the top of my wish list for a very long time and after experimenting with highstreet versions I knew I had to take the plunge when I saw this one in a metallic gold finish.

Chloè is a brand known for its timeless and ultimately feminine handbags that often have a fun modern twist –  you can expect to find subtle studding, fringes and a lot of Parisian glamour. Investing in your perfect designer handbag is not only a great way to update any outfit but it is a chance to show off your personality through it. Whether that’s funny, loud, or quiet, it’s a great trait to be able to show off who you are on your arm. For me, I like to create polished classic looks and so the crackle gold colour this bag comes in sums me up in one. These bags below are a fab option to make a statement this season, especially since burgundy is the ‘hot’ colour of the season.

The from is such a fun way to inject some colour into an outfit without being too over the top. The mixture of burgundy and pink is a great alternative to the festive red we see this time of year since these colours flatter everyones skin tones. When out during the day, bundled up under layers of knitwear, thermals, woolen coats and scarves, often your handbag is the piece that makes the biggest and most immediate impression, so wearing a luxury, unique bag can be a great way to make a statement. However, if you feel that the bags such as fromare too ‘loud’, perhaps too statement for the occasion, pair it with muted pieces of clothing, such as neutral colours and let the bag carry the rest of the outfit (no pun intended). Just remember to wear a luxury statement bag with confidence and it will look fabulous whatever you’re wearing.

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Make a strong statement with a festive jumper

When it comes to investment pieces, I’m all about the price per wear, so when considering a purchase, its hugely important that I know I will reach for it time and time again. I often invest in accessories the most since they are the pieces I reach for on a daily basis. However, during the colder months I don’t wear anything else but big snuggly, cosy jumpers (does anyone?) and so investing in knitwear comes naturally to me this time of year. That means I want to spend that little bit more on them to make sure they are the best quality they can be and so they will last for many seasons to com, making  that price per wear come right down.

Knitwear has been making a strong statement for Autumn Winter 2017, with alluring embroideries, powerful patterns, bold colours and of course the luxe nordic prints. A chunky,  cosy knit like this one fromnot only provides the ultimate warmth but the ultimate statement. Taking off your coat to reveal the festive nordic pattern is not only a great way to get in the Christmas spirit but a stylish way to keep nice and toasty wherever you are – and they beat those christmas jumpers with a reindeer on any day.

You may be thinking I’m not sure I want to invest in knitwear to only make a statement but the fact that it does means you will go to wear it so much as you don’t have to worry about the rest of your outfit looking simple and dull – which is not what anyone wants. By opting for brightly coloured jumpers such as this it’s the easiest way to make a stand alone statement this season and with striking patterns adding a burst of brightness to your festive wardrobe. Fendi never ceases to amaze me with its elegance and impeccable sense of style; crafted from a cashmere blend this knit will go with so many outfits.

Treat yourself to the gifts you’d like to keep

Have you ever spent hours selecting the perfect gift, for it to arrive and be the most amazing thing you have ever seen? It’s so nice to invest in some smaller items for that special person but it’s even nicer to treat yourself to them too. Investing in those smaller pieces is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your look and you would be surprised at how big of an impact they can make. Take these for example, they can be put on to any existing bag you already own which not only gives it that high end feel but it instantly makes it feel brand new – so you’re practically saving money.

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When investing in smaller items, its a great chance to have fun and step outside your comfort zone. Whether thats by experimenting with colour, patterns or textures; for me, I like to play around with unusual but small accessories to take my outfit to the next level. These furry clutch bags are cute, fun and make a huge statement to any look. They wouldn’t be everyones first choice but the design and texture of the bag add some much needed interest. If I invest in one particular part of my outfit, I like to keep the rest of my look fairly simple to keep my most loved item the centre of attention. Equally, this can work with a bold shoe such as these . With minimal effort, they introduce a punch of vitality into even the most basics of basics, so your outfit will always make a statement with this futuristic number.

Go bold…

Last but not least and if you are a huge fashionista you will not be surprised by this, top to toe red. I’m not one to reach for the loud colour very often but recently wore it in an AW17 lookbook and to my surprise felt powerful, punchy and impactful.

It is the ultimate way to make a statement with your #ootd this festive season! However, if you aren’t 100% sure about the colour, I would recommend investing in smaller pieces to dip your toe in the water first; such as these or perhaps these This season tassel earrings are everywhere and they are something I can definitely get on board with. Not only do they provide that pop of colour but an elegant touch as they create a very feminine flair whilst still being very flattering for every face shape.

Red has been all over the catwalks as designers such as Fendi and Max Mara make it the colour of AW17. We’ve seen them take it to the next level as they showed us how to wear red with red. Sounds crazy right all of those colours clashing, but take these  with this show you mean business and at least it means there’s no need for complicated colour maths.

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My top tip when making a statement with red, whether you want to start off small with accessories or just go for it with a bright red coat would be to first of all identify which shade of red suits you. There are so many different shades of red from cherry, to ox blood, to orange. They all have different under tones which means they will look different on everyones skin tone and unfortunately you will only know the exact one for you through trial and error. But when you do find the right one for you, it will make you feel more energised, look less drawn and will dramatically enhance your appearance, making you wear your statement piece with confidence.

Ultimately, when I wear my luxury statement piece, I feel better about myself. Instantly complete and pulled together in a matter of seconds. Do you have any key luxury pieces you’ve invested to make a statement with you #ootd? Let me know in the comments below!

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