Last Minute Gift Guide For Him & For Her

There’s Still Time Yet….

There’s only 3 days before Christmas but don’t panic because there’s still time thanks to most retailers offering next day delivery or you can still make time to head out to the shops, if you’re brave enough at this time of year that is!

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I don’t often leave things till the last minute but I like to grab the odd thing or two a few days before just to be safe that I have got everyone exactly what they wanted. When it’s only a few days before Christmas, a lot of things are unfortunately out of stock! Daym those who are super organised ey! But that’s okay because it just means you can go for the obvious and buy them the classics. For girls and guys this includes presents like fragrances, bath sets, pjs, jewellery, bags etc.

Both girls and guys will appreciate a good pair of slippers. These slippers from Emu are the perfect cosy gift for her and they will be very much appreciated! It’s a tradition I get my mum a pair of slippers every year but with this pair they will last for many more years to come. Equally this pair from Ugg for him are the definition of comfy but stylish which means he will most definitely be on board with them.

To save yourself time you could just buy him or her one big luxurious gift. This Gucci bag has been at the top of my wishlist for a while now in this dusky pink colour – a classic bag with a modern twist as its chevron stripes give it a playful heart. This one will definitely keep you in her good books for the year to come. Unfortunately, the average guy doesn’t appreciate a bag just as much as us girls but what they do love are a good pair of shoes or trainers. Charlie has more pairs than me so this I know is true. These blue suede shoes from Mr Porter are a great option as they are bold but not too bold. There’s no better colour tone to compliment jeans for a smart look.

If you don’t like the idea of just buying a special someone just the one present, why not put a stocking together full of smaller pieces. For him you could include gifts such as  grooming sets, ties, belts, boxers and socks, as well as some more fun gifts such as these robot cufflinks, Christmas PJ sets, or even silly games. I recall buying dog bingo for Charlie one year but that’s another story.

For the girls stockings are easy! We love bits and bobs so pop a few make up bits inside, a sparkly top, hair pieces, maybe even some fancy chocolates and you are good to go.

If you’ve still not found the perfect gift for either her or him, don’t panic because you till have a couple more days to make those final decisions thanks to those next day delivery services!. Happy shopping!