How To Care For Your Winter Whites

It’s no secret that I love an all white #ootd.

Unlike probably 99% of the population, I feel more confident and chic in an all white outfit than I do in black, and the vast majority of my wardrobe is white, cream, beige or light pink. Usually, the first question people have when they ask about my outfit, is how do I keep it clean?! My friends and family will tell you that I’m not naturally a particularly tidy person, and yep I’ll admit to wiping my hands on my skirt and being clumsy when it comes to spilling things, but somehow my whites remain pristine.

So today I’m sharing all my tips on caring for white clothing, and how to keep the lighter coloured pieces in your wardrobe looking there best for as long as possible.

Outfit Details // Wool & Cashmere Roll Neck by Max Mara via Luisaviaroma // Cord Trousers by ASOS // Boots by Topshop // Belt by Gucci via Luisavuarima // Sunglasses by Valentino // Necklaces by Monica Vinader and Astrid & Miyu // Bracelets by Monica Vinader // Earrings by Monica Vinader // Bag by Mulberry

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My first tip is to wash your whites as little as possible. This is less to do with removing discolouration and staines, but more the general long-lasting quality of your garment. Washing is a harsh process (even if you follow my tips below) so wash your delicate cashmeres, wools, silks and, well, pretty much everything as little as possible. The way to do this is to wear something under your delicate pieces, and you guessed it – i’d recommend a . A long sleeve thermal has so many benefits aside from warmth; it stops you getting itchy if you’re sensitive to the fabric of your delicate piece, but also means your skin isn’t touching the garment, only the thermal, so it won’t need washing as often. I wear my delicate jumpers / dresses etc about 5 times before washing them.

When it comes to washing, the first thing to do is always separate your whites. When I empty our washing basket, I do multiple piles for delicates and none delicates, and then colours, lights, and whites. Washing white even with light pastel coloured pieces still risks colour transfer, so keep your whites super fresh by only washing with other whites. On this note, if a white has a mark on it, such as coffee, juice or dirt, separate it, you don’t want this stain going onto your other whites. We will treat that one separately first. In this video I talk more about specific tricks for washing different fabric types – always read the label!

When it comes to stains, I’ve always used the . They’re so effective and easy to use, I treat the stain directly before washing the item. The trick is to treat the stain as soon as possible after it occurs! When washing, I always use as low a temperature as possible – I use on the majority of my washes, they work well on low temperatures and are fantastic at stain removal. Charlie has white rugby shorts and he will soak his muddy shorts in the sink with for up to 15 minutes before washing, and that works really well.

You can add some natural bleaching products into your wash if you want to life the overall colour; I avoid bleach as it’s too harsh and I don’t like to add chemicals this strong to my wash, but you can try lemon juice, white vinegar or baking soda for a more gentle alternative.

Something else which can dull the look of a white coat, or felted  or cord materials, is when they pick up hairs or fibres from other fabrics. I make it a habit to each time I wear my white pieces, to keep them looking pristine.

My final tip would to be sensible about when wearing white. I wouldn’t wear all white to watch the rugby, walk the dogs, or preparing food in the kitchen. When eating out, it’s a bit of a joke amongst friends and family that I’ll always make a bib from my napkin (I told you, I’m messy!) and have a napkin on my nap – but trust me, it’s so worth it if there’s any risk of dropping food on your perfect white trousers!

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So there you have it, my very simple tips for keeping whites white. It’s nothing ground breaking, but this is my usual routine – I hope you found it useful!

Do you have any tips for keeping whites looking fresh? Let me know in the comments below!