How To Look Chic When It’s Cold!

Coat – // Skirt – // Bag – // Jumper – // Boots – ( but more affordable!)

This time of year always presents a little challenge when it comes to maintaining your personal style, and looking chic and stylish, despite the chilly temperatures! Recently on YouTube I shared my Cold Weather Styling Hacks, and today on the blog I’m sharing a little more detail, and some outfit inspiration to help you look stylish, no matter the temperature!


My first tip is obviously ! At this time of year they’re my biggest style hack, without compromising my style. They’re so easy to hide underneath jeans, and the long sleeve tops provide warmth without adding bulk to your outfits. Thermal socks are also great to add an additional layer to your feet. They’re perfect as they help to regulate your temperature as well as keeping you warm, and the best part is it saves washing your knitwear quite so often as it saves it touching your skin!

Secondly, my next tip is to build layers – making outfits more wearable with both thermal and fashion based layers, over knee socks and then jeans and a piece of knitwear. Layering gives me so much more flexibility, and means I get so much more wear out of my Autumn pieces and my lighter weight coats right through the winter months when the temperatures drop

Coats are obviously the part of your outfit that are most seen, so I couldn’t forgo a tip on them! I love to size up and pop a chunky knit underneath, as well as making sure that all my coats have pockets so I can keep my hands in there to stop them getting chilly. Another thing to keep an eye out for when buying your winter coat, is to make sure that it’s long enough to cover your legs and bottom as that longer length just helps to keep any cold breezes out! Faux fur is another fabulous way to add extra heat whilst still looking stylish.

So, onto dresses! I love finding the perfect jumper dress, something with a high neck and long sleeves so I can hide my thermals underneath for an extra layer. You can also pop over the knee boots and thermals under any longer dress, which means none of your skin is showing and suddenly it becomes a perfect winters day outfit! You can also turn your favourite dresses into skirts by popping a chunky roll neck on top for an extra layer.

Finally, in terms of accessories, my favourite way to add warmth is a faux fur headband popped over the top of an outfit. I also make sure that my gloves are touchscreen friendly so that they don’t get lost whilst fiddling about trying to unlock my phone!

So they are my top tips for looking chic all winter long! I hope you enjoyed, do let me know if you have any tips of your own!


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