5 Benefits of Upping your Supplement Game this Autumn!

5 Benefits of Upping your Supplement Game this Autumn!


As we approach cold and flu season, it is never more important to take care of our health. With darker evenings, chillier days and central heating as well as the temptation to indulge in heavy meals (Mac n Cheese I’m looking at YOU!) – I certainly start to feel more sluggish and notice the glow disappearing from my complexion if I don’t make a few small changes to take care of myself through Autumn and Winter. For the last 6 months, I’ve been updating my supplement routine and am switching it up again to give my body exactly what it needs at this time of year – so read on to discover how upping your supplement game could help you to glow through the winter!

We love Wild Nutrition, and have been taking their Daily Essentials which are a super easy and convenient way of getting the overall support we need each morning. Wild Nutrition is a female founded, British supplement brand that champions food-grown ingredients, meaning that these natural supplements don’t contain any of the chemical or filler ingredients that can be found in most other supplement brand products. Being food-grown, and having ingredients that are found in nature, our bodies are able to process them far more effectively; the benefits of the ingredients are more impactful where the body doesn’t have to focus on breaking down any artificial toxins.

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5 Benefits You Need to Know…

1 – Strengthen your gut microbiome 

Wild Nutrition’s Multi Strain Biotic is a probiotic formula containing live microbes to strengthen the gut microbiome

2 – Strengthen your immune system 

Wild Nutrition have a whole range of supplements to care for your immune system, we’ve added their Immune Support to our morning routine to fight off colds and flu.

3 – Keep your energy levels high

When we have the vitamins we need, our body performs at its best and so our energy levels stay consistent throughout the day. I find their berry flavour Vegan Protein especially effective at this!

4 – Get personalised nutritional support

Go to the Wild Nutrition website to take a 60 second quiz or book free a consultation with a nutritionist to get personalised support

5 – Support a sustainable British business 

We love Wild Nutrition supplements because they are formulated from real food ingredients and do not contain synthetic nutrients. They’re great for us and great for our planet!



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