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Darlings, here it is – the ultimate list of discount codes for our very favourite brands! Bookmark this page to keep up to date with all the discount codes you need throughout the year!

Wild Nutrition

Many of you will know that I’ve been taking Wild Nutrition supplements daily for a very long time now. The reason I always choose Wild Nutrition is that all of their ingredients are food-grown, and they don’t use any chemicals or fillers in their products. This ensures that our bodies can process the beneficial substances far more effectively, keeping you fit and healthy. I have recently switched from using their Daily Essentials to the Fertility Support.


WILDJOSIE will get you 15% off sitewide



Current Body

One thing I’ve really been trying to stick to is my weekly at-home beauty routine. It’s all well and good booking yourself in for expensive monthly facials, but if you’re not keeping up with an excellent at-home beauty routine, you may not be getting the most out of your skin. A key part of my weekly skincare routine is using my Current Body LED Therapy Face Mask. The LED light penetrates deep into your skin, tricking it into going into repair mode, meaning that your skin produces more collagen. This is fantastically anti-aging, and is great for improving the texture and firmness of your skin. I try to use my LED mask three times per week, and it is totally portable, so you can get on with other tasks while pampering yourself; it’s a win-win!


Use code JOSIECB for 15% off all LED devices






Charlie and I visit Daylesford Organic several times per week, not only for our regular workouts at Bamford, but also to pick up delicious organic vegetables, salad boxes and much more from the fabulous farm shop. If you don’t live nearby, fear not; they have a fantastic website and deliver across the UK. You can stock up on elevated pantry staples, homeware, gifts and groceries, and using the link below, you will receive £10 off your first order!


Get £10 off your first order over £50 here




Eve Lom

Eve Lom is a skincare brand that utilises herbal remedies in their skincare, in order to create products that your skin will absolutely love. I have so many Eve Lom faves; the radiance repair retinol serum, the iconic cleanser, and the rescue mask to name but a few! Eve Lom have kindly shared an exclusive discount for my readers – use code JOSIE20 to get 20% off your order.


JOSIE20 will get you 20% off sitewide




Ocean Bottle

Charlie and I have been customers of Ocean Bottle for years. I believe we both discovered this incredible brand independently around the same time, and have been loyal customers since. Ocean bottles make for the perfect gift for family members and friends, or a great treat for yourself, as they are both practical and beautiful. A massive bonus of this brand in particular is that Ocean Bottle massively prioritise the environment; for every bottle they sell, they collect 1000 discarded plastic bottles. Check out their stunning collection here!


Use code JOSIELDN for 10% off your Ocean Bottle




Farmer Gracy

Farmer Gracy is the place to buy all of your bulbs and bare root perennials. They are a wonderful company based in The Netherlands who are passionate about plants, sustainability and protecting the environment. They stock incredible varieties of Dahlia, Salvia, Anemone, Tulip and hundreds more beautiful blooms. They will ship your order when it’s the perfect time to plant your bulbs or bare roots, plus their shipping to the UK is free.


JOSIE will get you 10% off your Farmer Gracy order





Use my sitewide discount code to top up on your beauty favourites from LOOKFANTASTIC. I always shop for my Pureology Strength Cure Miracle Filler from the website as well as my makeup, SPF and skincare essentials. Something else I’d highly recommend as a gift or as a treat for yourself is the Face Halo Glow Skin Set – I use these every single day as my first cleanse to take off makeup and remove oils from my skin, before I go in with my lovely cleanser.


Use code JOSIEFEARLF for 20% off your order





Ancient & Brave

Ancient & Brave is a fairly new obsession of mine. They are a company with highly ethical principles; they put people and the planet at the forefront of everything they do. They also create incredible products; I particularly love their True Collagen which I add to many of my hot drinks. I’m also a fan of their matcha & collagen. It tastes delicious but is also great for my health.

Shop Ancient & Brave here!




Beauty Pie

I’m sure you all know how much I love beauty pie! For those of you who haven’t discovered beauty pie yet, becoming a member gives you access to hundreds of luxury beauty products at incredible member-only prices, as beauty pie send you their amazing products directly from the warehouse – cutting out the middle man! Not only do they have wonderful skincare products, such as their Youth Bomb serum, they also have incredible hair products, candles and even supplements


Use code JOSIESENTME for £10 off your membership






Grounding is a wellness trend which I started last year, and have kept up with regularly. To practise grounding, all you’ve got to do is walk on the earth (or grass) with bare feet, or lay on the ground, to allow your electrical energy to realign with the earth. It can have a positive effect on your mood and it fills me with a sense of calm. If you don’t have easy access to a patch of earth, that’s where GroundingWell comes in. GroundingWell produce grounding mats, and even grounding bed sheets which allow you to practise grounding from within your own home!


GWJOSIE will get you 10% off sitewide




Cult Beauty

Cult Beauty is a fabulous place to fulfil all of your beauty needs! They always have such an excellent range of products, and they stock so many of my faves; Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Marine Cream, Shiseido Bio-Performance Skin Filler, Tan-Luxe Super Gloss Illuminating Bronzing Drops and so much more! Cult Beauty have kindly given my readers up to 20% off sitewide, so it’s a great time to stock-up on all of your faves.


Use code JOSIEXCB for up to 20% off





Fanka is an amazing sportswear brand who prioritise the fabrics they use above all else. They put an incredible amount of research and development into their fabrics and designs (which they call fabricnology!), resulting in top quality sportswear that makes you feel amazing while you wear them. I particularly love their reversible body sculpt leggings, as they make one’s bottom look great, plus you can reverse them if you want a more subtle look. Another favourite product is their body sculpt dress, which has become my go-to padel outfit, due to the cute tennis vibes of this outfit.


Use code JOSIE for 12% off your Fanka order





Spotlight Oral Care

In my opinion, one of the best investments we can make is investing in ourselves! And there’s no better time to invest in your dental care as now as you can get an extra 10% off Spotlight Oral Care’s amazing products, such as the incredible sonic toothbrush, their toothpaste and mouthwash.

All of these products make up part of  my day to day oral care, and I couldn’t recommend the brand more highly!


Use code JOSIE for 10% off your new dental routine






If you watch my YouTube Channel, I’m sure you will have noticed my new bone broth obsession. I absolutely love making my own broth, but it’s a pretty lengthy process, so it’s a great idea to have some organic bone broth in the cupboard – for those days when you either don’t have time or can’t be bothered to make your own. Freja create liquid bone broths, as well as bone broth powders, which you simply add boiling water to. You can choose between grass fed beef, chicken, or vegan broth!

Get your bone broth fix from Freja 





A brand which always remains a firm favourite of mine; Rodial is the place to go for all of your luxury skincare needs! Whether you need to stock up on their retinol overnight gel, their iconic glass powder, or treat yourself to a banana lowlighter, head over to Rodial now!


Get 15% off your next order with code JOSIE15






I’ve got many pairs of Vivai shoes in my wardrobe! I simply cannot resist their cute designs, such as these adorable dachshund embroidered loafers and these stylish and water repellant square-heeled sock boots. Another bonus of many of Vivaia’s shoes are that they are machine washable which is incredibly handy when you live in the countryside. Plus, they’re a brand who truly care for our planet – their company’s mission is to create sustainable and eco-friendly footwear that are also stylish – and in my eyes, they’ve nailed it!


Use code JOSIE15 for 15% off your order






I have so many Erborian skincare favourites; including the iconic BB Cream and CC Cream. One thing I love about Erborian is the incredible range of natural ingredients they use in their products, including ginseng, charcoal, bamboo, liquorice route and more. I’ve got a 20% discount code for you, so you can stock up on all of your favourites!

Code JOSIE20 will get you 20% off sitewide, excluding gift sets 




An Aerogun is a massage gun like no other; it’s powerful yet quiet, and is the brand favoured by top-level physios. If you’ve ever used an Aerogun, you’ll know just how amazing they feel! Using an Aerogun feels like an intense sports massage, yet it can be used time and time again. With the Aerogun costing the price of 1 or 2 sports massages, this product makes for an excellent investment. If you’d like to get your hands on an Aerogun for yourself or for a gift for a loved one, you’ll be pleased to know you can get 20% off using my exclusive discount code!


Use code JOSIE20 for 20% off your aerogun massage gun