Next Big Thing Alert : Introducing Stylight

The best thing about having your own personal stylist
is that you can go shopping and not have to sift through hundreds of products,
which aren’t your style. A stylist knows which products are hot right now and
brings you only the most fabulous options to try and buy. Ok, I’m talking as
though I have a personal stylist.. I wish! But.. I may have discovered a new
(ish) online site where the hard work is done for you… let me introduce you to
Stylight is kind of like Pinterest but for Fashion bloggers
and their followers; users can create mood boards of clothes and accessories
that they love, either to lust over or as like a shopping list, because
Stylight has a selection of over 500,000 products which, with one click, you’ll
be taken directly to the site which has the best price for the item.
I’ve only just started out, but I’ve already created a
mood board for products that I’m currently lusting over, and you can do the
same and share it with the Stylight community. If you add hash tags (#fashionblogger
#fashion #ootd etc are the most popular!) your looks can be found from users
from London, Paris, Milan and Stockholm.
For me, the best thing about Stylight is that you can
spend hours pouring over the looks put together by Europe’s most fashionable
bloggers. I’ve never seen so many well dressed people in one place! If, like
me, you love to take inspiration from real people (not celebs!) and are always
searching #ootd on Instagram, then just take a look at the ‘Looks’ section on
You can also ‘heart’ the looks that you love, and the
most ‘hearted’ looks appear on the Popular Looks page, so you can see which
looks are the most lusted after;
Ok, so while Stylight may have my credit card
quivering in concern, it is without a doubt my new Go-To-Site for fashion
inspiration! It is super easy to set up a profile and start using Stylight,
just click here to sign up, and if you fancy taking a look at my profile and
looks, click here!

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