The Anatomy of One’s Self [ie]

While I can honestly say I have never posted a Selfie (for fear of ridicule from the man in my life) I do have to admit to finding the selfies of those I follow on instagram rather mesmerising. There are those who shamelessly edit (you know who you are!) and those that just look naturally chic #nofilter – the self taken picture of the expression du jour, but they are nothing like a passing phase – Selfies are here to stay.
According to fstoppers, 10% of all the photos taken EVER have been taken in the past year, and 4% of all pictures ever taken are currently housed on Facebook. We are taking billions of pictures, many of ourselves and they have become a socially acceptable way of marketing ourselves.

So the reality is that everyone and their dog (literally) are hopping on the Selfie bandwagon, so here I’ve weighed in on what makes or breaks the shameless shot.

I’ve taken a page from the (face) books of the Selfie queens, and have pinpointed the common thread amongst them all; accessories. 
These instagram screenshots all feature (undoubtedly super expensive) sunnies, and the power of accessories in selfies has projected brands such as Brian Lichtenberg to international success;
{Cara Delevinge wears a Brian Lichtenberg hat in her Selfie}
Selfies have been called the ‘modern day peacocking’ – the natural evolution of affirming our identities, but is it really ‘natural evolution’ to obsessively take pictures purely to show off, for our pictures and lives to be admired by strangers online? It seems we constantly need to display what we have, and ‘this stems from insecurity and need for external vilidation’, according to psychologists. 
Beyond the classic ‘Duck Face’ or #ootd shot, celebrity selfies have now evolved and come in many guises, allowing us a never seen before insight into our favourite celebrity’s life, albeit through a flattering Instagram filter. Instagram has now begun to rival Twitter for announcing news, only last week Lauren Conrad announced her engagement via Instagram:
{ Lauren Conrad announces her engagement via Instagram }
So, for your mid afternoon distraction why not search #selfie on instagram and swoon over the many self poses and jealousy inducing images – who knows, they may just inspire your own selfies!
I’d love to know what you think about Selfies –  Do you take them? Or are they seriously cringey?!