Are Nude Nails the New Red Lip?

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Studying Economics at A level often failed to incite excitement for me, however our teacher had a way of explaining things that made them seem relevant and sometimes – *gasp* – interesting
One of these topics was The Lipstick Index – a term coined by Leonard Lauder, chairman of Estée Lauder during the 2001 recession, explaining the rise in Lipstick sales during times of economic depression. While designer gowns remain on the racks, and the Bentleys don’t budge from the showrooms, Lipstick is our affordable indulgence, and in hard times, women buy more of it.
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 In 2013 however, for the first time in history, sales of nail polish in the UK are due to overtake those of the lipstick market by over £1 million, with 59 percent of women investing in lacquer, wraps or shellac.
Nails are versatile – with an array of options at each end of the market – from the never ending quest for the colour of the moment, to haute couture nail art.
Wearing the wrong lipstick colour can instantly shatter a look, whereas with nails – anything goes. According to WAH, gingham is currently the nail design of choice, and following the AW13 trends, cobalt blue or a deep berry can be spotted on the talons of the Fash Pack, along with a foundation style taupe that never seems to go out of fashion.
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Where as only the elite few can afford Chanel or Dior’s latest look, we can all afford to buy into the brands with their nail lacquers, and can recreate catwalk trends on our nails. Rimmel sell 12,500 bottles of their 60 seconds nail polish every minute but surprisingly Chanel dominate the single shade market, ever since Rouge Noir induced a year long waiting list in 1994.

It is also Chanel that can be accredited with making it chic for people to wear unusual nail colours, from Mimosa Yellow to icy Riva blue, Chanel have been dictating the It colour ever since.

Everybody wants a piece of the market, with Burberry, Armani and Marc Jacobs laumching nail polish lines this year and – hurrah – it is Britain leading the way with Butter London third in the best-selling nail charts, following Dior and Chanel.

As for trends, right now it is all about the Squareletto shape, and for colour, the half moon polish revealing a natural nail at the base is the nail-du-jour according to Katie Hughes; Global Colour Ambassador at Butter London.

So, do you know your Squareletto from your Particuliére? If so you have probably contributed to one of the biggest beauty shakeups in history.

I’d love to know, what is your must have shade for AW13?