Paradise Found | Thudufushi, Maldives

{ Diamonds Thudufushi – Maldives }

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for almost a year, and haven’t written about my absolute favourite place in the whole world; Thudufushi. Thudufushi is a tiny, luxury resort set on a small white sand island surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters of the Maldivian lagoons.
Words can not come close to describing what a beautiful, surreal paradise this small island is, so excuse the image heavy post – even the pictures don’t do this place justice!

After flying in to the capital of the Maldives, Male (which is basically a runway in the water!) we take the 40 minute sea plane to the island. Look how tiny it is! You can walk around the island in 10 minutes; it’s secluded, tranquil, and the absolute ultimate getaway if you are looking to rewind and relax and completely forget that the outside world exists. Ok, most Maldivian islands probably offer this, but I’m biased 😉

There are only 47 beach bungalows on the island, and I think 20 water bungalows, so you’ll soon be making friends with everyone on the island. A lot of the guests are italian (they have good taste!) as the managers are from Italy, this of course means the food is incredible!
I haven’t got many pics of the food, but essentially it’s the most incredible buffet style restaurant, right on the beach (on this tiny island, everything is on the beach!). Each night the food has a different theme, such as BBQ, Italian, Seafood, Oriental etc – and the presentation and quality of the food is unlike anything i’ve experienced before from a buffet.
Thudufushi is ultra all-inclusive. All food, drinks, snacks, mini-bar, snorkelling equipment, canoes, kayaks, house-reef snorkelling trips, fishing trips, and a few trips to other islands are included. You can help yourself to unlimited milkshakes, cocktails, wines etc and not pay a penny extra. The only things that you have to pay for are scuba diving trips and snorkelling trips by Dhoni (that’s what they call the boats).
If you like to be kept busy, and fill your day with activities, Thudufushi probably isn’t for you. When I go, I like to do nothing more than set myself up on a deckchair and read a good book (or 5). There are snorkelling trips twice a day, and you can sunbathe on the tops of the Dhonis, which is definitely the best way to get a deep tan! Of course the marine life is the best in the world here, so you don’t need to scuba dive to see the most incredible coral, fish, rays etc. I’ve often seen turtles and dolphins on the house reef – which is the coral reef that surrounds and protects the islands.
  { Nemo -spotted in the house reef! Thanks to Chris K for letting me pinch his pic }
 { Baby Ray in the house reef, Thanks to Chris K for letting me pinch his pic }
 { Baby Shark in the house reef, Thanks to Chris K for letting me pinch his pic }
{ Whale Shark on a scuba trip Thanks to Ash B for letting me pinch her pic }
{ Turtle in the house reef, photo credits go to Martyn Irons! }
{ Eagle Ray off the jetty }
{ Dolphins on a trip on the Dhoni }
One lovely thing about Thudufushi is that the staff know when the dolphins will be close to the island, so you’ll be sitting having lunch, and suddenly a waiter will shout ‘Delfino!’ (Italian) and you’ll look up to see them jumping in the waves… incredible.
{ The traditional Maldivian Dhoni boats }
Oh and another thing, it’s an instagram dream!
Overall Thudufushi is quite literally paradise on Earth, I’ve been well and truly spoilt by visiting Thudufushi so many times – literally spoilt though because no other beach or holiday will ever come close! If you are looking for a luxury, ultra relaxing getaway, then stop your search, you’ll never find anywhere more incredible than Thudufushi.
Where’s your favourite place in the world?
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