Fool Proof Fake Tan! With Madame La La

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Now is the time to start perfecting your tan as the sun is finally shining, and we want to expose our limbs to the rays! I’ve spoken to Nicole Dash Jones, the beauty entrepreneur who has just launched the Madame La La tan range which promises a perfect, fragrance-free L.A glow tan. Here are Nicole’s tips for getting the most out of your fake tan, for an even, long lasting glow:

1.) Preperation is key!  24 hours before you start fake tanning, you should exfoliate with a granulated body scrub, paying particular attention to dry areas such as knees, elbows and ankles. I use Soap & Glory, The Scrub of your Life, every other day, so I don’t have to switch up my routine too much before tanning. It is gentle enough for frequent use, and has lots of exfoliating beads for a good scrub. It creates a lovely  lather in the shower too – a perfect pampering treat. 
You should also wax 24 hours before tanning, or shave the day before. I love this Wilkinson Sword Intuition Plus Hydra Soft Razor (long enough name?!) which lathers, shaves and moisturises in one. It has a pivoting head which closely follows body contours, for a super close shave.
2.) Use a gentle exfoliator on the face – it is just so important to gently scrub skin before you start tanning, to lift dead skin cells and reveal revitalised, ready to tan skin beneath. I recommend the Antipodes Reincarnation pure facial exfoliator, which keeps my skin glowing with the tiny Jojoba beads, and soothing healing oils such as calendula and carrot oil. It’s a creamy scrub which is gentle enough for super sensitive skin, and a pea-sized amount of product is enough to give a smooth glowing complexion.
3.) Keep the face lighter! Your face will always naturally be a few shades lighter than your body, so it is better to use a tan specifically formulated for the face. Open pores and blemishes can be enhanced with a dark tan, so a gradual tan can help you to control the level of tan on the face. The Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning cream is a smooth, easy to apply lotion, which smooths pores and can be used to gradually build a glowing tan. I use this every day until I have built a radiant glow.
4.) Use a Tanning Mitt – a mitt is essential for even coverage. When using a mousse like the Madame La La tan, apply the mousse directly to the mitt before smoothing over your limbs. 
5.) Apply the product in stages – start with your lower legs and work your way up, finishing with your arms and chest. You can apply most tans over a period of several days to build up a stronger colour, and the Madame La La tan is perfect for building up an intense colour. It’s a pretty fool proof tan in that the colour comes out straight away and can be used as a guide colour to ensure you don’t miss anywhere! I find that with proper aftercare, the tan lasts well over a week.
6.) Look after your tan – Aftercare is as important as preparation – moisturise daily after tanning, and use a very gentle exfoliator (Scrub of your Life is perfect) every 3-4 days to ensure the tan fades evenly. For a subtle tan top up, you can add a tablespoon of tanning product to your moisturiser.
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