A Red Lip for Everyone

day is like marmite. You either love it or hate it. Even single girls and guys
can still enjoy the day by treating their pals, or perhaps by endulging in a
day of watching Bridget Jones and wolfing down tubs of Ben & Jerry’s. Whether
you’re loved up or not, there are some subtle ways that you can celebrate
Valentines without getting too soppy, one of which is by rocking a killer red
lip! I should start with a disclaimer. I’m not a red lip person, it’s rare that
I’ll wear the bold shade, but when I do, I have high expectations. I want the
colour to be perfect, no cracking or fading, and if it dries out my lips then
it’s a definite no no. With my high standards in mind, I’m pleased to say that
I’ve selected the best of the bunch; here are my red lip favourites.

out with the budget friendly options, for me there are some clear winners.
Firstly the Rimmel Provocalips 16HR Kissproof Lipgloss is exactly that. With
the intense colour on one end, and the sealant on the other, this gloss is non
drying, transfer proof and of course kiss proof! It leaves lips feeling smooth
all day long and the red colour won’t fade, 
but you may want to top up on the gloss as the day goes on.
as long lasting and with a superb range of colours is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick, which has a velvety texture which is completely smudge
proof once it’s set. If you don’t want your lips to be too bold, you can apply
with your finger for a tint of the shade.
If you’ve
got a little more cash to splash on your Red lipstick then the Chanel RougeDouble Intensité Ultra Wear Lip Colour is a fabulous option. With the same
method of application as the Rimmel, the Chanel gives long lasting, full
coverage colour and the top coat gives a brilliant shine. The most prominent
difference between the Rimmel and the Chanel (other than the price!) would be
the shine. If you’re after a super glossy lip, then the Chanel gives longer
lasting shine while the Rimmel is more subtle.
A new
favourite of mine is the which is available in a
variety of Red shades. The lipstick formula is reach and creamy, so feels like
its conditioning your lips while it works to smooth and firm. The colour isn’t
as long lasting as the Rimmel or Chanel, but it’s more hydrating and just one
coat gives a subtle shine. Oh, and look how pretty the packaging is! Anything
gold just immediately gets a big tick from me!
My final
luxe favourite (seen in the squareish gold packaging in the image above this
one) is the YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick. The application of this lipstick is
like no other, it feels so luxurious in a way that’s hard to define. Your lips
feel enriched by the texture of the product, and they remain moisturized and
protected for hours to come. They are extremely comfortable to wear and give a
silky finish – it feels so natural that you’ll forget your wearing it!
product which has now become an essential for me when I choose to wear a bold
lip colour is the It smoothes lips and preps them
to create the ideal base for long lasting lipstick. The colour finish is more
even when lips are prepared properly, and on average I notice my lip colours
lasting a third longer when I apply the primer first.
I’d love to know what your Red Lip favourites are!

Have you tried any of mine?