Beauty SOS!

We all have a collection of products which may not be incredibly glamorous, but we keep them in our collection for no other reason than that they truly work! So whether I’m getting stressed at work and can’t sleep, or my skin is in need of some SOS, these are the products that I find myself reaching for.

When I’m having a bad skin day, there are two products which I can always rely on. For an overall complexion refresh, the is unbeatable. I mentioned in my first review of it here that it’s the first face mask I’ve ever tried that gives a noticeable improvement to the skin from the very first use. I take it off, and immediately see my skin looking clearer and overall much more healthy looking. I can’t recommend this enough and hope to try more from the GlamGlow range!

For a more targeted spot treatment, I always use the . I just dab a tiny amount of the solution on a blemish, and can immediately feel the Salicylic Acid working on reducing the appearance, and healing the problem area. It also heals to fade any post-blemish marks and if you have an area of skin that is in need of attention, you can smooth a thin layer of the Super Spot Remover over it to reduce redness and un-clog pores.

Normally used on babies bottoms, there is nothing better on cuts and grazes that is Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream. It’s incredibly gentle, doesn’t sting and contains anaesthetic which soothes the pain. Also a wonder product for spot-prone skin, Sudocrem has far more uses that just first aid!

Another multi tasking product is Bio-Oil. My boyfriend recently purchased a bottle to help heal a cut on his forehead (and it worked a treat!) but I also found myself pinching it for beauty purposes. Giving myself a DIY manicure in bed, I used a few drops of Bio Oil as a make-shift cuticle oil, and was surprised to find it worked better than my usual oil at leaving my nails clean and shiny! The oil can also be used to remove makeup as it dissolves dirt and adds hydration to your skin.

A new essential in my nail collection is the Rimmel Nail Nurse PerfectioNail. Rimmel have several polishes in their Nail Nurse range, all with benefits such as strengthening, hiding imperfections and reducing splitting. I use the Nail Nurse as a base coat to help build the strength of my nails – it’s an essential since I wore stick-on nails at Christmas and now my nails just keep breaking!

For lips, a normal lip balm often isn’t enough at this time of year, so in my handbag you’ll find Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue balm. It gives all day hydration and if my lips are sore from the cold, I find it instantly soothes. There are tinted versions as well as a clear balm, which I love to use as a base before applying my lip colour.

If I’m a little poorly, or just stressed and having trouble sleeping, the is a wonder product for unwinding and getting a blissful night’s sleep. I compare the level of sleep intensity to those times when you collapse into bed after one too many Porn Star Martinis, but without the hangover the next morning! Quite the opposite. Instead of my usual tossing and turning, and waking up at 3am worrying about whether I remembered to add Peppercorns to my shopping list (and other small, silly things), the spray relaxes my mind and body and allows me to enjoy a deep slumber.

What are your SOS products?