Dry Hair SOS

Now I
don’t want to jinx anything, but recently my hair condition has been pretty
great! It could be because the bleach blonde locks are now a healthier warm
tone, but I also think a lot of it is to do with the fact that I’ve been
treating my hair to some rather luxurious treats recently. I usually mix up
between high street brands like L’Oreal Elvive, and some pricier products, and
at the moment Bumble & Bumble & Ojon are the brands that my hair seems
to be loving.

been using the Ojon Damage reverse range for both Shampoo and Conditioner every
other wash. Both contain repairing Ojon oil along with a blend of other oils
which rejuvenate and deep cleanse hair while building up each strand. The
shampoo gently cleanses away debris which can can clog up hair while the
conditioner intensely nourishes and leaves hair feeling noticeable smoother and
softer. I find that my hair is more voluminous after just one use, and when I
curl it, the curls remain bigger and bouncier for longer.
On days
when my hair needs extra rescue then I’ve been reaching for the Ojon Rare blend moisture therapy conditioner to use as a leave in treatment. With 7 oils with
super hair repairing powers, the buttery lotion instantly softens my hair, and
I can feel immediately that each strand is smoother. When I’ve blow dried, my
hair looks and feels smooth and glossy – something which I’ve never experienced
With Bumble & Bumble, I always do my research before splashing out on their hair treatments, and after much reading, it seemed that the was the one for me. I use this only in extreme circumstances. Before a special occasion, or whenever my hair is terribly thirsty. If my ends get so dry that they poke out at weird angles then I know it’s time to bring in the big guns. I leave the mask on my shampooed hair for ten minutes while enjoying a face mask, and rinse out to freshly luscious locks – the difference this one product makes is insane!
Finally, my essential tool of the trade which is a miracle worked when it comes to detangling either wet or dry locks is the Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush. It’s incredibly lightweight and manages to untangle even the most dread-lock like lock, plus the extended bristles give you a mini massage when you use on the scalp! 

Have you tried any of these products? What are your Dry Hair Remedy essentials?