The Blogger Made Me Buy It!

Since I started Fashion Mumblr back in August of 2013, my makeup collection has quadrupled in size. That’s no exaggeration, in fact I now have to devote storage space under my bed, in my wardrobe, and in my loft for storing products. As my blog has grown, I’ve been really fortunate to be sent some lovely pieces to try out, but also, being a blogger, you also read other blogs…. and that’s dangerous! Reading other bloggers rave about a certain product makes the product hard to resist, so not wanting to miss out on the next big thing, I’ve also been buying more makeup than ever before! So many of my purchases have been directly as a result of a glowing review that I’ve read (or sometimes a number of reviews!) so here are the products that The Blogger Made Me Buy:
| Blogger to Blame : The Sunday Girl
There was a lot of hype around the Clinique Cleansing Balm when it first came out, many of us hadn’t tried a balm type cleanser before but the blogosphere (that expression makes me cringe) was full of glowing reviews. I was a little nervous of applying a balm to my slightly oily skin, but after a few weeks of use my skin felt deeply clean, and even squeaky clean after each application.
| Blogger to Blame : Lily Pebbles
Lily always used to rely on her Nars Laguna in her makeup videos, so when my Bobbi Brown bronzer ran out, I decided to give it a try. I don’t like having a sparkly face and while Laguna isn’t shimmery, it isn’t completely matte so still gives depth to the complexion.
| Blogger to Blame : The Lust List
Not as a result of reading her blog about it, but Vicky (my best friend as well as newbie blogger!) always raved about the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick for using as highlighter, contour, and eyeshadow. After borrowing it from her one too many times than is socially acceptable, I decided to buy one for myself, and it’s now firmly a part of my everyday makeup routine!
| Blogger to Blame : Amelia Liana
Somewhere between the stunning photos and Amelia’s proclamation of it’s ‘drool worthy’ appearance,  I decided the Ambient Lighting Blush had to be mine. I can’t say no to Rose Gold anything, but as someone who doesn’t regularly wear blush I held of purchasing for quite a while. I finally caved on my last trip to NYC, and you can read my feeble attempt at justifying all my splurges in my Sephora Haul post here.
| Blogger to Blame : Zoe Newlove
I mean just look at Zoe’s brows in that post. Go on. Just take a look. So I went out there and bought every single product she recommended to try to recreate it myself! I have to say that although I’m not as skilled at applying makeup as Zoe (she is a makeup artist) I am slowly learning, but still haven’t quite got the hand of the dipbrow. Help me Zoe!
| Blogger to Blame : A Model Recommends
I’m wary of shimmery products; with slightly oily skin, the last thing I want is to look shiny, so the caption of Ruth’s video, ‘How to Look Glowing but not Shiny’ instantly caught my eye. I followed her tips and now have mastered the application of using it to set makeup, highlight, and contour. Win!
When Lucy recommended this concealer as a budget version of the NARS creamy concealer, my mind was made up. I had to try it. As an eternal fan of the NARS, but with a bank balance that was not willing to repurchase it, the budget alternative sounded like the best option. I’ve been using it each morning for the past few days and I think I actually prefer it to the NARS! It doesn’t crease as much and offers a slight less cakey coverage. Lucy – thank you for bringing this wonder product to my attention!
Ree’s review promised that this liner delivered a super slim line, and an intense colour payoff that lasted all day ; both of which for me are liner essentials. I find it easier to apply than the felt tips that I’d been using previously because you have more control over the amount of product which you apply, and for under £10 I think this is a super budget eyeliner.

| Blogger to Blame : Vivianna Does Makeup
I shouldn’t blame Anna, because so many bloggers raved about this, but it was Anna’s close up pictures of each of the beautiful shades that tipped me. Every shade that I’d found myself lusting over was in the palette, the rose-hued browns and shimmering bronze shades that now I can’t imagine life without. It sounds extreme, but I’ve used this palette almost every day since I bought it. #NoRegrets.
| Blogger to Blame : Hello October
I’d been pondering about this for quite some time when Suzie uploaded her Everyday Makeup video. She used the Tinted Moisturiser to create a flawless but light everyday base which I couldn’t wait to recreate. As tinted moisturisers go, it has quite a full coverage which is perfect for those in-between kind of days. I’ve never added this to my daily routine, but instead, some days I just know that it’s a Nars Tinted Moisturiser kinda day. 
It seems pretty much every beauty blogger had these apart from me at the end of last year, but with just so many makeup brushes already in my collection, I couldn’t justify the purchase. But then, I caved. Are you noticing any patterns here? Seems my willpower when it comes to rose gold is not great. Rebecca takes the most beautiful photos, and her imagery of the Zoeva brushes sealed the deal for me that I had to own them. Not only would they make my makeup application better, but I vowed to get them into as many blog photos as possible!
What products have you purchased after reading a blog review? 

And I’d love to know who is the Blogger to Blame!