Beauty Routine Spring Clean

Spring is a time to try something new, explore new products, new textures, new brands. In an effort to spring clean my daily makeup routine, I recently turned to some newly launched products, as well as a few classic products which I had yet to discover. Right from Primer to Foundation through to brow products, here are the products that I am currently trialling.. which will make it into my daily routine I wonder?!

Firstly, the. It’s a multi tasking product (you know how I love anything that multi tasks!) And it acts as a moisturiser, primer and mask all in one. I skipped the moisturiser to put the product to the test, and my skin felt dewy and fresh, and ready to be made up. I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of products which I have in my gym bag, and this tube is definitely a space saver as I won’t have to pack a moisturiser as well. So far, I’m loving it!
I’m very much a liquid foundation lover, so was a little cautious to try out the as the formula is a mousse texture and I just have recollections of using the Maybelline Dream Matte mousse when I was younger, and let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty! *cough* cakey *cough*! I was pleased to discover the exact opposite with the Bourjois foundation however; it felt and looked light and silky and evened out my complexion without too much coverage. My skin felt bare and able to breathe but looked like a fresh, airbrush effect complexion.
I can’t quite decide the best use for the yet, first I tried it out under the eyes and found that it was a little drying, but now have perfected application not long after my usual eye cream. It’s a lovely texture for applying over any imperfections too as it is so easy to blend. 
I’m a big fan of the Sleek makeup palettes, and their new i-Divine eyeshadow palette is no exception with a huge range of shades including some very wearable browns and warmer tones. I’ve been slipping this palette into my overnight bag as it’s so slim and much lighter than my Naked palette.
To blend the shadows I have been using my Bold Metals crease brush which I just absolutely adore. There’s something about the rounded shape and the densely packed bristles which just make it a dream to use although I do find I have to wash it very regularly as there’s a lot of colour transfer if I try to use it with a different shade!
My new brow products include the , which literally does what it says in the name! The lighter option is the perfect shade for me and the actual pencil is super skinny so you can create delicate hair like strokes for an incredibly natural look. The best thing is that it’s roll-up-able too so no more annoying sharpening! 
Next I’ve set the shape by combing through brows with the new Bourjois Brow Design – the first brow mascara that really tints your brows as well as shaping them – perfect for picking up on those super light blonde hairs which usually don’t get noticed. It’s great for me as my brows are a little patchy, and this really fills them out. I’d advise using a cotton bud to tidy up afterwards though, perhaps I’m being a little heavy handed but I do get a few dabs of it on my brow bone when I apply!
Also from Bourjois is their Brow Beauty Touch; a shimmering pastel pink highlighter crayon which you can use to quickly and easily highlight the brow bone. I find this far simpler to do than apply with a powder, and it’s easily blendable using finger tips.
The finishing touches are from Rodial, a brand that is quickly becoming one of my absolute favourites – everything I try I instantly love. The and face powder were no exceptions. With it’s large chunky bristled brush, the mascara coats lashes thoroughly by in a way that feels completely weightless.
I fell in love with the name of the first, but what really impressed be was the beautiful illumination which the opalescent powder adds to my complexion without a hint of shine or shimmer. It’s tricky to explain the glow that this gives, but for a girl with oily skin, the subtly of this powder is what makes me love it.
Have you tried any of these new launches?

And will you be Spring Cleaning your Beauty Routine?