Sent from an Angel / Thierry Mugler

You’ve probably heard about Thierry Mugler’s Angel fragrance. What I’m about to tell you will be nothing new – as there seem to be legions of fans out there for this perfume. It’s kind of like the whole three degrees of separation thing, I’m pretty sure we all know someone who either wears this as their signature scent, or they know someone who does, and now they’ve released a refillable bottle so that you can top up your scent without having to make another investment in the stunning bottle.
Before I talk about the fragrance, I’ve just got to tell you about the way that this beautiful bottle came to be mine. Returning from my trip to Austin, a large black box awaited me on my desk. I wasn’t expecting anything this big, so I opened it with curiosity, and was delighted to find a large box of Thierry Mugler Angel inside.. but wait… there was more! A tin case with a Thierry Mugler wrap around it which said ‘You’re Very Own Star’ was lurking amid the blue tissue paper, and it opened to reveal the most fabulous gift a girl could wish for; a Star. The Josie Star lies within the Pegasus Constellation, and the box contains a map so that I can locate my star within the galaxy. How fabulous is that?! The bottle is also engraved with my name on it; such a lovely idea and making this stunning bottle something that I’ll display with pride on my dressing table.
I’ll want to keep the personalised bottle forever, and thankfully Thierry Mugler now offer refills for the Angel scent, so this fragrance is now much more affordable. The avant-garde fashion designer Theirry Mugler was the inspiration for the scent, created by Olivier Crisp and Yves de Chiris in 1992, and it has notes of Bergamot and Mandarine, as well as base notes of Chocolate and Caramel, giving this fragrance an unusual, but instantly lovable scent.
It’s a powerful scent, and one which may not appeal to everyone but the balance of warm masculine notes and delicate sweetness make this the perfect fragrance for an evening out or a special occasion. Upon first spritz I found it quite intense, but as the day went on and the scent subdued, I found myself falling more and more in love with it.
Have you tried Thierry Mugler Angel yet?