A Break from Shopping at Tredwell’s // Covent Garden

To start the bank holiday weekend in style, Charlie and I spent the morning browsing the stores in Covent Garden – of course I absolutely had to swatch almost every eyeshadow shade in Burberry while leaving Charlie lusting over the new MacBooks in Apple. When we regrouped, there was one thing on our minds; lunch! We made a beeline to Tredwell’s ; the new restaurant by Marcus Wareing which Charlie has been eager to try since it opened in September last year. Located just a short stroll from the centre of Covent Garden, it’s a relaxed informal eatery known for delicious food and fabulous cocktails.

Victor, the restaurant’s mixologist prepared us both a delicious Down The Apples and Pears cocktail which we slurped while browsing the menu (this took a while, everything looked Uh-May-Zing). The scrumptious beverage had refreshing flavours of apple and pear mixed with Belvedere Vodka, and hints of elderflower and thyme.

To start, we chose the Taste of Tredwell’s – calorie counting sure wasn’t on our minds after a morning of pacing through the streets of Covent Garden, and the promise of Marcus Wareing’s famous Pork Sliders, Chorizo jam and charred bread and sticky glazed chicken wings was too tempting to resist. After polishing this off we chatted to our smiley waiter; Davide gave us some history into Tredwell’s – named after the 1929 novell, The Seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie within which one of the main characters was named Tredwell.
Choosing our mains was particularly challenging (#firstworldproblems) as we both loved the sound of everything! Featuring modern British cooking with a focus on local produce, we both chose meaty dishes; pork and beef of our main courses. My pork belly was slow cooked (aka scrumptiously soft and melt in the mouth) and served with cheek alongside fennel and juniper which added a lighter flavoursome addition to the meal. Of course I also sampled some of Charlie’s Rhug Estate smoked slow cooked beef short rib – absolutely delicious with plenty of jus to add to the flavour, but warning! It was HUGE! Even Charlie who regularly demolishes three courses with no problem struggled to finish the dish! I’m very glad we ordered sides – the mash was creamy and light while the grilled broccoli with almond butter were predictably tasty! 
Not being one to ever say no to pudding, we decided to test out another cocktail each before choosing our desert. Victor listened to our preferences before recommending a Rose and Almond Clover Club cocktail for me, and Charlie went for a New Fashioned. Mine, as I proclaimed numerous times on my Twitter on the day, was the Best. Cocktail. Ever. As in, words can’t explain. If you love the rose flavoured macaron from L’Aduree then you NEED to try this. A mouth watering blend of Gin, raspberries, lemon, rose and almond – it was the most fabulous blend of delicate floral and fruity flavours, beautifully presented in a short class with a rose bud and almonds floating on the top to finish.
As a fan of the Old Fashioned cocktail (a whiskey cocktail), Charlie chose to try out the New Fashioned from the cocktail menu, expertly prepared by Victor it was a strong yet very drinkable blend of Rye whiskey, marmalade and bitters. They were both gone within a matter of minutes!
We finished off our meal with two small deserts, Charlie opted for the Caramel soft serve which was presented in a cinema-style tub and topped with crunchy honey-comb chunks, while I indulged in a bowl of warm chocolate, salted caramel, chocolate cornflakes – a rendition of the kind of desert I’d have as part of my school dinners, only a thousand times better! Obvs.
Tredwell’s was a fabulous experience – not a cheap lunch but if you want somewhere with guaranteed delicious and excellently cooked food, you can’t go wrong. They offer an express menu too, with three courses for £20.00 which is ideal for a quick lunch or pre-show dinner. Location wise, it’s perfect, with all the shows and shops just a few moments away. If cocktails are your thing, then visit the bar below the restaurant and you must try the Rose and Almond Clover Club!
Take a peek at the menu and book your table over on Tredwells.com here.
What’s your favourite London eatery? Have you visiting Tredwell’s?