Foreo Luna // Cleansing from the Future!

It may look like something from The Jetsons, or an odd egg-like item in the brightest of colours, but the Foreo Luna is actually the latest cleansing tool which all the beauty lovers are converting to. I wasn’t expecting it to work, I have to admit that straight away – I couldn’t understand how something without bristles could be conductive to cleansing. The Foreo Luna however is designed to deep cleanse, but also boost circulation and relax facial muscles. After now trying it out for a few weeks I can confidently say that it does work, and I really, really like it!

Why would I buy that, over a Clarisonic? Is the first thing that I presume comes to your mind.. am I right?! Well the main complaint I hear about the Clarisonic is always that it’s too harsh on skin and can cause sensitivity and breakouts where the skin is too aggravated. I have to say I’ve never had a problem with my Clarisonic, but if your skin aggravates easily then perhaps the Foreo might be the option to try.

You can see in my images that there are little silicone bristles all over the end, and when you massage over your skin, they almost vibrate the dirt out of your skin. I put the Foreo to the test, using a small amount of cleanser (you can use any cleanser, it doesn’t have to be foaming, like it would be with Clarisonic) and massaging it in with the Foreo. The little nodules vibrated away and caught all my makeup in the gaps – I have to say the Foreo looked pretty gross when I’d finished! I wanted to know if it had just cleansed the top layer of foundation, or whether it had broken down the deeper layer of dirt in my skin, so I coated a cotton pad in cleanser and wiped over my face…. and it came back clean! I was so surprised to see a clean cotton pad – usually I double cleanse to make sure every last bit of makeup had been removed, but the Foreo Luna removed it all in the very first cleanse.

I have to say that it is not satisfying to use – with the Clarisonic you really feel like the bristles are buffing away the dirt, but you don’t get that sense of satisfaction with the Foreo. What you do get, however, which more than makes up for this, is clear glowing skin which hasn’t been irritated even the tiniest bit.

So if you don’t get on terribly well with the Clarisonic, or have slightly sensitive skin, then I’d definitely recommend trying out the Foreo Luna. This gorgeous pink version is exclusive to Look Fantastic and you can buy onlinefor £99.

You can find my full review on the Clarisonic here.

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