Free Doughnut, Anyone?

Is it Doughnut, or Donut?
I’m going to go with Doughnut, as that’s how Krispy Kreme spell it, and if anyone knows a thing or two about doughnuts, it’s them. A few days ago, a message popped into my inbox; ‘Hey Josie, Krispy Kreme here, how would your readers like some free doughnuts?’ I was intrigued, hell yeah they would! I said to myself, and my mind instantly whizzed back to that time at The Apartment during London Fashion Week, when all the bloggers and instagrammers clambered for the perfect Instagram shot of their perfect glazed roundness. Anyway, back to the free doughnuts! 
As a doughnut obsessive myself, I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t actually heard about the Friends of Krispy Kreme club before the email arrived, but my ears (or eyes?!!) pricked up as soon as I read that there were free doughnuts involved. It’s a unique club which is absolutely free (and very, very easy and quick) to join, and you get to keep up-to-date with all the latest doughnut news, but more importantly a FREE Krispy Kreme doughnut just for joining, another free one on your birthday, plus loads of other good stuff like competitions and VIP offers etc (kinda like ASOS premiere, but for doughnuts). 
There’s not much more to it really, it’s as simple and amazing as it sounds, so what are you waiting for? Sign up here to get your very first free doughnut! 
(Keep scrolling if you want the chance to win even MORE free doughnuts)

Oh hey, you made all the way down here! Well then, you deserve a treat! Krispy Kreme have also very kindly sent me TEN of their highly coveted Green Cards, which entitles the lucky owner to a free doughnut of their choice, every month, for a year, AND one of their highly coveted Krispy Kreme Varsity Jackets. Want to win them? Thought so!
All you’ve got to do is share this post on either Twitter or Facebook (or both if you want extra chances of winning), and make sure you tag me in it (@FashionMumblr on Twitter, Fashion Mumblr on Facebook) so that I can see! 
I’ll be choosing 10 winners on the 26th of October to receive a Krispy Kreme Green Card, and one of those lucky ten will also receive the Krispy Kreme Varsity Jacket.
Don’t forget to sign up here to join the Friends of Krispy Kreme and get your very first free doughnuts!

This post is in collaboration with Krispy Kreme!