The Best Of : Beauty Books

Whether you use them as a beauty bible, or simply a coffee table book to flick through here and there, beauty books are a lovely thing to own, and to give. Without really realising it, I seem to have built up quite a little collection and I love to flick through, absorbing all of the beautiful imagery and picking up a new beauty tip here and there. Each page is brimming with hair, makeup and nail tips from the industry insiders; whether that’s a makeup artist or your favourite YouTuber. Here are the beauty volumes that you should be adding to your shopping list:
How to Be Parisian is one of my newer additions, written by Caroline de Maigret – aka the epitome of a fabulous Frenchwoman. Co-written with three girlfriends, the book is a compilation of essays on everything from dealing with troublesome men and ignoring fashion trends, to the art of nakedness. Us Brits can learn a lot from her honesty and frank outlook on life, a few of my favourite quotes from page one along include ‘Don’t be afraid of aging’ – never a more true word, and ‘Always be fuckable’ – oh yes, it’s an interesting read!

One of the first blogs that I followed was Emily Shuman’s Cupcakes & Cashmere. I adored how everything she did had such a natural flare and style, so as soon as she released her book I snapped it up, in the hope of being able to replicate her ways. The book is a guide for those looking to establish a sense of style within their home, beauty routine and wardrobes, giving tips on everything from how to wear bright lipstick, to how to throw a stylish party. I can’t say that I’ve ever truly sat down and followed the instructions on any of her topics, but the bright, pretty imagery and interesting topics make it a lovely one to flick through.

I never would have dreamt that an entire beauty book could have been devoted to just eye makeup, but that’s exactly what Lisa Potter-Dixon has created with Easy on the Eyes. Visually, it’s beautiful – with gorgeous sketches of her beauty recommendations (most of which are Benefit of course, where Lisa is a Makeup Artist) and it’s full of substance too. Lisa’s passion for beauty comes through in every word – the book gives step by step tips for those who want to up their eye-makeup game, with 5, 15, and 30 minute makeup looks. Only someone with Lisa’s passion for makeup could bring not only fabulous traditional makeup artist tips, but also some new fun ideas on how to switch up your look. 

Well, if I’m Pretty Honest, I bought this book as a prop, and didn’t actually open it for a few months – embarrassing, I know. The Guardian’s Beauty Editor – Sali Hughes decodes many of the beauty industry’s mysteries with the level of detail and honesty that comes from her time as an editor, consultant, mother and life long beauty junkie. The book is full of practical recommendations but is written in a way that makes it a pleasure to read thanks to Sali’s humour, honesty and wit.

Finally, Fleur de Force’s The Glam Guide. There is no stopping that lady, over a million YouTube subscribers, a fabulous book and even now a beauty range under her name. I’d buy this book just to support an incredible women who is absolutely smashing everything that she does. The book is beautifully presented with fun and lighthearted topics such as how to act on a first date, and of course hair and makeup tips (some of which are a little basic, but where are we without the basics?!). A fabulous book to flick through yourself or a wonderful gift for any aspiring beauty junkie.
What Beauty Books have you been loving recently?