Winter Skincare Switch Up

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The Seasonal Switch Up

As the seasons change, so too should our skincare routine. Just as I did for Autumn (read all about that here), now that the temperatures have dropped and it’s finally feeling like winter, I’ve switched around my skincare routine again. I’ve been bringing in some new products to help not only nourish and protect my skin, but also provide a little bit of pampering goodness too. My skin is dehydrated but sometimes a little oily too, and the cold weather seems to throw any regularity and ‘good skin days’ out of the window. So it’s time to fight back with winter skincare!



During the colder months I like my cleansers to be a little bit more nourishing and pampering, quenching my skin’s thirst without stripping or aggravating sensitivity. In the morning, I reach for the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel which is like a cocktail of vitamins and enzymes for your skin, working to bring a healthy glow to skin while still deep cleansing and gently exfoliating. It’s a pleasure to use, it smells great, feels great and does wonders to skin that needs some extra loving. In the shower I’ve been using the Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser. It’s a great one to use with a facial cleansing brush as you get that deep clean but again while being gentle on combination skin. Unlike other foaming cleansers, this one doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or thirsty afterwards. Other favourites include Elizabeth Arden’s Cleansing Oil which dissolves all traces of makeup while protecting the skin’s balance, as well as the Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm which has remained in my beauty routine since Autumn.


Chilly Weather Skincare - Blue Moon Sunday Riley

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Chilly Weather Skincare - Bamford Exfoliating Mask

All year round I love to use face masks. I used to save them for special treats but now, I’m addicted, and Charlie and I both find ourselves using a mask at least twice a week. The mask I use depends on my skins needs on that particular day, but during the colder months I find myself reaching for hydrating masks on a regular basis. The Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom mask is great at soothing the skin, so if my skin is red & blotchy or perhaps wind-chapped, it’s this that I’ll reach for to restore calm. I apply this in a thick layer over my entire face and leave it for often up to an hour, while I paint my nails or even type up a blog post – my skin will drink lots of it in, but then I’ll usually hop in the shower and use a soft cloth to wipe away the rest. A more recent addition to my mask collection is the Dr Hauschka Moisturising Mask which contains skin loving ingredients such as almond, avocado and jojoba oils which deeply nourish and moisturise the skin. Thanks to the tiny tube it’s been added to my Travelling Essentials kit, and will most definitely be coming with me on any sunny trips thanks to it’s ability to sooth sun damaged skin.

Dry winter skin needs exfoliating to reveal the healthier skin underneath, but I prefer to use much more gentle products than I would at other times of the year. I’ve recently been loving the Bamford Exfoliating Mask which gently resurfaces the skin and promotes cell regeneration but without stripping or disrupting the balance of the skin. Ingredients such as aloe vera sooth and protect the skin which the natural fruit enzymes work to gently exfoliate the skin.

Throughout the year, I love to use a charcoal mask when my skin needs a deep cleanse, and it’s no different in Winter. My favourites are the Origins Clear Improvements Mask (the charcoal one which I’ve raved about hundreds of times over on the blog and on YouTube!)  as well as their Original Skin mask which cleans, exfoliates, and clears pores!

Chilly Weather Skincare - face masks

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Serums, Oils & Facial Tanners

Chilly Weather Skincare - face oils serums

Following on from my morning and evening skin, I choose my next product according to my skins needs. If I’m applying makeup then often I’ll choose the Oskia Get Up & Glow Radiance Booster. A true multi taker, a pump of this patted onto the face not only provides lifting and smoothing benefits, but also protects the skin against environmental damage, which is something I’ve become increasingly concerned with recently, living in London. The skin looks luminous thanks to light reflecting pigments within it, so this makes the ideal base for a radiant makeup look.

Sunday Riley got it spot on when they named their Good Genes treatment, as it truly does give you that ‘I was born with it’ appearance to the skin. I’d tried this sporadically before, but only recently has it become a part of my skincare routine and it’s safe to say I’m now addicted. Another multi-tasking treatment, I alternate this with the Oskia product, and it leaves my skin bright, plump and fresh looking, more perfected some how – truly as though you’ve got that ‘good skin gene’. The smell is a little strange but it doesn’t linger too long, but I do like to leave this one to sink in a little longer before applying make  up, so not one that I’ll reach for when in a hurry.

When I’m spending the morning working from home and don’t need to apply makeup, i’ll bring some colour into my complexion by using the Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser for the face. It’s a gradual and very light tan, perfect for those months when your face hasn’t seen the sun in quite some time – and it’s also packed with antioxidant ingredients so you’re not missing out on any nourishment from your usual moisturiser or serum.

Finally in the evenings, I’ve got back into the habit of using my Darphin Revitalising Oil – it was a favourite during the cooler months last year but was somehow switched out of my routine over summer, and boy have I missed it! I raved about this in my 2015 Top Ten Beauty Products – a high accolade to be within my top ten of the entire year, but not only does it work wonders on the skin bringing back much needed moisture, but it’s a pleasure to use thanks to it’s heavenly fragrance and utterly luxurious texture. For the quality of the product – and indeed for a Darphin product – it’s also incredibly well priced, so if you’re looking to introduce an oil into your routine then I cannot recommend this one enough.

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Chilly Weather Skincare - moisturisers & eye cream

Chilly Weather Skincare - Charlotte Tilbury magic cream

One of my favourite skincare switches of winter is moisturisers, there’s something so comforting about a thick rich cream, and those luxurious minutes that it takes to sink into the skin. I’ve been spoilt for choice recently but my skin has a firm favourite; the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. Each morning I apply a small amount of the thick cream which is enough to cover my skin and prepare it for makeup application and the day ahead. The Magic Cream was the solution to my rash that I bored you with the details of during the Autumnal months, and hasn’t left my skincare routine since. It’s said to have age-defying properties too, but I can’t comment on those, all I know is  that my skin is left glowing, and lifted, no matter how tired or dehydrated it was before.


In the evening, my moisturiser is the final step of my routine, often following an oil or serum so something a little less thick but equally as luxurious is required. A new addition to my routine is the Clinique Superdefense Overnight Moisturiser which supports the skins recovery overnight ensuring you wake up to a good skin day each morning. It also defends against those first signs of aging as well as acting as a barrier to protect skin from environmental aggressors. For my oily combination skin it provides the perfect amount of moisture, without leaving me with a layer of product on my face throughout the night, and would be equally well suited to dry and dehydrated skin types.

Chilly Weather Skincare - clinique superdefense night

As for the under eye area, each evening I’ve been applying a few dots of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream and giving the eye area a mini massage in attempt to boost circulation in the area. The improvement to my under eye puffyness has been slow, but is finally noticeable, but more immediate results included hydrated and more translucent skin surrounding the eyes.





And The Rest

Chilly Weather Skincare - dauphin nourishing velvet cream

Chilly Weather Skincare - body cream

Another favourite switch up in winter is my body care products. Winter calls for luxurious velvety body lotions and I am more than OK with that! The high street has some super options and I’ve always been a fan of Soap & Glory, Sanctuary and Rituals, but this year there are two standout favourites in my body lotion collection; by Darphin and Origins. By far the most luxurious product I’ve applied to my body this winter is the Darphin Nourishing and Firming Velvet Cream – a real treat which I use about once a week, on those days when I just want to give my skin a real treat. It’s a pleasure to apply thanks to the rich cream, with shea butter to hydrate skin combatting any tightness or dryness that winter has caused!  Another lovely fragranced body lotion is Origins Ginger Souffle – even the name gives you an indication as to how gorgeous this product is to use! A lighter, creamy lotion, the scent is as invigorating as it is relaxing – with scents of lemon, lime and bergamot which are just what you need to lift spirits in the dreary grey months!


Finally, an area that shouldn’t be ignored is our hands. We expose our hands to the harsh winter elements to so they deserve as much pampering as the rest of our bodies. Thankfully, there are some seriously super hand caring products available, and a couple of my favourites (an option for every budget) are the Bamford Botanic Hand Cream, and Dove’s Derma Spa Goodness Hand Cream.

For those wishing to truly pamper their hands, the Bamford hand cream is a gorgeous choice; with 94% natural ingredients including Shea butter, lavender oil, sunflower seed oil and tee tree oil, you can be sure that you’re skin will be treated in a moisturising blend of soothing cream. It’s made at the brand’s Hay Barn Wellness retreat in the Cotswolds – a place very close to my heart, my childhood home! It’s on my wishlist this year to visit their retreat, but for now the heavenly fragrance of the hand cream will have to be enough to whisk me away to the countryside! I keep my tube in my bedside table, ready for some bed time pampering.

A much cheaper option is the Dove Dermaspa Goodness3 hand cream – which Dove describe as a ‘spa-like’ treatment! What I love about this and the Bamford is that it’s fast absorbing, so you don’t have to wait around for a few minutes after application before continuing with your tasks! I keep a tube of this in my handbag and apply often while out and about, not only is it a lovely luxurious treat thanks to the velvety soft texture, but the moisturising oils work to ensure my skin stays smooth and soft.


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What are your Winter Skincare Favourites? Spot any of your favourites here?