Winter Basics You Need To Shop Now!

Winter Basics You Need To Shop Now


The second half of winter is the hardest season to get through in my opinion. I find that treating myself to some new winter goodies is a great way to give myself an instant uplift during the chilly months, and splurging on wardrobe basics is just too easy to justify.


Winter basics are classic pieces that you’ll use year after year so you can invest in luxurious fabrics knowing that the cost per wear will work out incredible value. Equally, I love to top up on cheaper basics for building up cosy layers (anyone else wear under everything in winter?!) and the high street has some gorgeous super soft knitwear to rival the designer ranges.

I’ve chosen a selection of Winter Wardrobe basics below, the kind of things you’ll reach for on a daily basis, and will become the foundation of your winter ootd. Each of them is either in my wardrobe, or on my wishlist so you’ll be likely to spot them on upcoming fashion features very soon!

As for this outfit, the interesting lace up detail on this has had me throwing this style staple on -on repeat. I styled it with classic go-to staples of jeans and for an everyday feel.

Keep scrolling for my Winter Basics – I hope you find something you love!


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1. A Cosy Sweater

This goes without saying! I love to stock up on various warm and cosy sweaters in a range of neutral tones, from grey and black to beige and navy. Look out for a high wool content in your knitwear if you want something truly soft and warm, but a higher content of Acrylic makes jumpers more reasonably priced, without affecting the quality. Cashmere is a true luxury and even a small content of cashmere within a jumper can make it super soft, but stay away from Angora as it’s so often attained in ways which are cruel to animals, and it malts all over the place!


2. A Jumper Dress

If you ever have those days when you can’t seem to muster together a good ootd, you need a jumper dress! A fail safe winter option, jumper dresses involve very little thought but can create a beautifully chic outfit. I love nothing more than pairing a chic and cosy jumper dress (recently I’ve been wearing this Miss Pap  £18 beauty non stop) with OTK boots and thick black tights. If it’s seriously chilly I might even wear a thermal top as well.


3. Finishing Touches

As well as knitwear and thermals, there are certain accessories which I would also constitute as winter basics. Every time I head out for a meeting or event, I find myself reaching for one of two things; OTK boots or classic ankle boots. Accessories don’t need to cost a fortune either; this season there are so many incredible budget options for over knee boots (my favourites are ), and for the first time in years I’ve been ditching my designer bag in favour of a high street beauty as seen in this post.


Winter Warmers - Fashion OOTD Fashion Mumblr xi

In this post I’m wearing:

Jumper by  |   Jeans by   |   Boots by Ted & Muffy   |   Sunglasses by   |

What are your winter fashion basics? Spot any of your favourites?