Denim : Three Ways to Wear



Getting C-O-S-Y

Oh hey guys. Yep this is my third blog post in three days – a rarity here on Fashion Mumblr because if I’m honest with you I’ve been in a bit of a blogging rut lately. Switching from Blogger to WordPress was quite an overwhelming change which took a while to get used to, add that to a trip to Costa Rica and a weekend in Scotland with little to no contact with the outside world and a crazy hectic schedule ahead of the approaching London Fashion Week. Yeah I know, excuses excuses but it really makes me appreciate the incredible work of some of my favourite bloggers who despite having an equally (if not more so) hectic schedule still manage to regularly bring out superb blog and YouTube content. Yes, I’m looking at you Victoria, Hannah, and more.

But I’m excited to be back in action this week and am finally working towards my New Year’s resolution of keeping at least a week in advance on my blogging schedule. And, I’m feeling more inspired than ever. I have so many thoughts and ideas for some super content here on the blog as well as over on my YouTube channel and I just can’t wait to share them with you!

In the meantime, today is all about getting cozy. A cooler front has made it’s way to a very mild London and I couldn’t be happier to be snuggled up in the cosiest of coats. This pretty pink darling by has become my perfect go-to for Winter with it’s heavenly soft lining and dreamy leather outer fabric. I styled it with a wardrobe favourite, my as well as my newest essential; my . This look has an easy, attainable and everyday sort of feel which Ive been reaching for on a regular basis. Get the rest of the outfit details down below and have a fabulous Friday! xo


K10K15K13K12K11K9K13K4K5 Marble Jumper by   |   Grey Jeans by |   Grey Boots by   |   Bag by   |   Watch by Daisy Dixon   |

See how I styled these jeans for a chic outdoorsy look and a more feminine #ootd in my previous posts for how to style these jeans in three different ways!

How would you style the ?