London Fashion Week Diary | Day Four

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The Final Fashion Forte

There’s always a strange vibe in the air on the last day of fashion week, the fast paced few days are drawing to an end, and normality is soon to presume. For me, day four was a perfect way of easing myself out of LFW; with meetings and events to attend, plus my final visit to The Apartment until September. The day kicked off with a healthy breakfast at Deliciously Ella’s Mae Deli in Marylebone, before I headed to The Apartment for a few more meetings and of course my daily date with COMB for some #ootd shots.

My floral trousers worked a treat on the app; so many of the girls complimented them and wanted a similar look, so they used the COMB app to take a photo of them, and find out which similar options are available on the high street. The app uses futuristic technology to find visually similar products so even if my trousers had been sold out, you’d still be able to find something that’s almost identical. I rather like the black pair that I found during my search!

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The crisp blue skies were enough of an excuse for me to embrace my Spring wardrobe for #LFW day four; so my new made their debut. They were a success – even passers-by on the street commented on how pretty and spring-like they were, and they were a roaring success with the girls at The Apartment too. Loosely tailored they’re a flattering fit, and with the turned up hems they are the perfect length for a petite like me. A height boost was much needed, and I reached for my new sandals for the second time during LFW (hey, if it ain’t broke!) as well as my gorgeous coat, once again.

I don’t have enough words to describe to you how much I adore this coat, it’s unbelievably practical – doesn’t crease, adds warmth, looks casual yet chic, I adore the colour, and it’s too cosy for words. A little luxe touch was added with my new – the easiest way to add some opulence to any ootd.

You probably recognise a lot of my accessories from previous fashion week posts (here, here and here) but new additions to this post include a sparkly Astley Clarke bracelet, and my snazzy fold up sunglasses from Sunglass Hut – a pop of pink to complete the look.

Shop The Look

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Back at The Apartment…

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Floral Trousers by   |   White Silk T Shirt by   |   Coat by  (sold out)  |   Bag by |   Rose Gold Bracelets, Ring & Earrings by Carat London   |   White Bracelet by Astley Clarke   |   Shoes by    |   Ray Ban Sunglasses by   |   Watch by Caravelle   |

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Fashion Week Diary here on the blog! If you’d like to see more of what I got up to, you can watch my LFW Vlog here!

Thanks again to COMB for taking my photos throughout LFW, download the app here!