How to Look Fabulous On The Beach


Keeping Your Cool

Is it just me, or have these recent blue skies got you dreaming about your next Beach break? It seems my snapchat is currently filled up with blogger pals jetting off to the most exotic of locations, so it seems a great time to think about how to look fabulous on the beach! Hitting the beach is one of those occasions that can end up a hot and sweaty mess, but a little planning beforehand means that you can enjoy the sunshine safely, and still look and feel your absolute best!

It feels like last Summer was decades ago, and when you’re used to being covered up, the idea of revealing parts of your body that have been under wraps for months is a pretty daunting thought. After all, we are real women and not airbrushed models – curves, lumps and bumps and everything – but hey, we aren’t alone. It sounds cheesy but every body really is beautiful, and it’s a case of dressing up the good bits and diverting attention from the rest. After all, we work hard all year for our holidays so we sure as heck are going to enjoy it!

Cast your minds back to January where I embarked on a week long adventure in Costa Rica – my first trip to the sunshine as a Piz Buin® Sun Ambassador. During the trip we were filming and shooting on idyllic beach locations and as there was always a camera ready to snap us enjoying the sunshine, it wasn’t long before the five of us perfected our beach beauty routines. I’ve been absolutely dying to share some of the gorgeous photos with you that were taken by the team out in Costa Rica, so enjoy some serious beach posing while I share my tips for looking fabulous while on the beach.



SPF is your BFF

The first, and most important tip for how to look and feel fabulous on the beach is to protect your skin. Sun damaged skin is not a good look and means you won’t be comfortable for the rest of your trip, not to mention the lasting damage caused by UVA and UVB rays. So before you fling off your flips the first thing to do is lather up on sun screen for beautiful moisturised skin which is protected from the rays and ready to develop a glowing natural tan.

Piz Buin® have a new launch which soon became our beach saviour in Costa Rica; the new Protect & Cool Refreshing Sun Mousse not only gave us the UVA/UVB protection that we needed, but also left skin feeling cool and refreshed upon application thanks to the cooling foam. It’s always best to reapply suncream frequently, and when application is as refreshing as it is with Protect & Cool, you won’t see it as a chore! For bodies that have been bundled up under the layers, the mousse also hydrates the skin, and is instantly absorbed so no more pasty limbs with unflattering white marks!

Less Is More

No no, keep your swimsuit on – I mean makeup! A full face of makeup when lounging or swimming never ends well (and stops you developing a tan on your face) but panic not, you don’t have to go completely bare faced while on the beach. My beach beauty routine includes a select few products but most importantly starts with a non-greasy SPF; my favourite being Piz Buin’s Ultra Light which is instantly absorbed leaving my skin ready for light makeup. A tinted moisturiser, tinted lip balm and waterproof mascara are perfect for a beach beauty look without the makeup meltdown. Watch my Get Beach Ready With Me video for more on my beach beauty routine!
Piz Buin Protect Cool

Let Those Limbs Shine!

A trick that I used while shooting in Costa Rica to make my legs look a little slimmer was apply a shimmering body lotion to legs. While I adore using products such as Nuxe Golden Shimmer oil in the evenings, in the day an oil without SPF is not a good idea so I apply the Piz Buin Instant Glow which gives a subtle golden shimmer while also protecting skin against the rays.

Scrub Scrub Scrub

Before you bare your limbs, a thorough full body exfoliation is a necessary step to rid yourself of old skin. A body scrub doesn’t need to be expensive, just make sure you pick one which has lots of grains such as the Sanctuary scrubs, or you can make your own by mixing sugar and olive oil. Your skin will look and feel great afterwards, and freshly buffed skin means your tan will be more even and last longer too.

Keep Accessories Minimal

Leave your chunky statement necklace at home, and keep your beach accessories to a minimum, and keep them delicate. My favourite beach accessories include a simple white cover up like this one (left) from , a and some cheap dainty jewellery such as these pieces by Accessorize. Thin chains with gemstones will add a touch of glamour too your look without affecting your tan or looking awkward on the beach.

Beat the Bloat

Before you hit the sand, avoid processed foods, carbs and salt which can cause you to bloat! There’s nothing worse than working hard on toning up in the gym, only to feel bloated and uncomfortable when you want to look fabulous in your new bikini!

protect cool

What are your top tips for feeling fabulous on the beach? Have you got your next holiday booked?

This post is in collaboration with Piz Buin